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W6R3 .... Done!!!!!

I did W6r3 this morning - all misty and quite chilly but no wind - the sea was like a millpond. And on that last minute I did actually up the pace - I had definitely been slowing down in the previous minutes.

Nearly gave up when Laura said I'd only done 5 mins.... but kept going and succeeded.

Did the cool down walk with an enormous grin on my face..... I am amazed at myself and feel really proud. I ran TWO MILES (I checked by driving round later - I must get one of these gadgets which show how far, because it is a waste of petrol otherwise!!)

I haven't lost any weight, but I definitely feel fitter and healthier.

PS Does anyone else talk back to Laura???

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No but I tell people I run with Laura my personal trainer! You are doing really well - and covering a lot of distance too. I keep telling myself that I'm not losing weight because my fat is turning to muscle which is heavier of course. I do feel fitter and more positive about things though.


Thank you for your message.

It's a brilliant plan - I didn't believe I could run to the end of the garden, let alone 2 miles! And I quite miss running on the days off.

Keep it up!



I talk back to Laura all the time!! At the start after the warm up walk, i am standing at the top of the field, saying, yes, no, i wont (go to fast) etc, then i do the countdown with her as well, and i always say thank you at the end when she says well done!! Am on week six and am toying with the idea of doing one run of week seven with my own music, to see what its like, but I know I will miss the support and the praise!


I'm really glad I'm not the only one chatting to Laura!

Hadn't thought about own choices for music - but having said that, I nearly never got started with the running with the hassle of downloading the podcasts on to my iPod!

Keep up with it!


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