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Living with COPD

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Hello all. Just joined this site. I’ve had copd now for about two years. Still trying to come to terms with it. There’s never been anything wrong with me until this. It can be quite debilitating at times. Just managing it and learning to live with it. Would be good to hear from others with the same.

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Hi Wildmoors , welcome

Just to say pop over & post in

British Lung Foundation also,

you will find a

Large , welcoming & a wealth of individual

Knowledge , and maybe more replies

Hi Wildmoors it's an awful disease, it certainly keeps us busy trying to live with it. But being positive helps, not always easy I know we we have to try. I'm so glad we have these sites to help us. You have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Small changes make life easier.Difficult in these times but, I found a walk clears the mind

Like you I was devastated to find I had COPD.

The health service was pretty good.

When I found this site my life improved greatly, wonderful people who know what your going through.

Every question answered with the provisio check with doctors.

I'm sure the same will work for you.

Best wishes 🙂

Hi and welcome.

Hello wildmoors . I also was fit as a fiddle till this took over . And it's not much fun but you do learn to live with it . Your in the right place here 🤗🤗

Hi and welcomeI too have COPD was diagnosed 2017 and still smoked stupidly. I quit smoking last December after having yet another chest infection which was the last straw. I had been shielding since last March but had to quit my job as a carer because the manual work was making me breathless and fatigued. I was reviewed by my GP and changes made to my inhaler also the Dr advised me to start exercising as he said this is the best advice I can give you for the Copd start off slowly and work up. So I started walking couldn't get very far without becoming breathless and very anxious as I couldn't breathe. It's been 5 months since I quit and I'm slowly able to get further and further on my walks. You have to take one step at a time. My next step is finding a job. The advice on here as been a god send for me. Please try and get out daily it's so good for your mind as well as the exercise. Jane 💗

You might also want to check out the forum below as there are many more members there.

Hello Wildmoors. I was the same as you. Retired at 64 to enjoy life and within a year in the same week found out I need a pacemaker and had severe copd. The pacemaker didn't bother me. But the lung disease did and still does from time to time. But we have to battle on. And make the best of our life while we still can. Brian


Me too. I am only now coming to recognise symptoms and when I feel worse.

Good luck


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