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Am I classed a severe illness for self isolation


Hi, Can anyone please tell me how do I know what category my copd falls In for the self isolation.

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Good morning CanadianGirl_8. Should say anyone with copd should be staying in and self isolating . I have copd but live with my wife. She is going for shopping once a week i have not been out for 7 days. Just been told some people who need to take extra care may recieve a letter from the nhs. Telling them to isolate for 3 months. Please take care. Brian

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your reply. Keep safe.

Its no problem we are all here for each other. Lets hope the idiots in the uk start taking things seriously. And we come through this. Brian

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Just as bad in the US, can people be so stupid and careless to put other peoples' lives in danger???

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Its so sad sweetsusie. People just do not look after each other these days. Think its only the minority. But sadly these days if you challenge people being selfish and disrespectful. You are likely to have a knife pulled on you or involved in an aggressive response. Think the problem is people have too much freedom these days. I notice in Spain they all do as they are told. Spainish police take no messing from anyone. Hope your keeping well Brian

Hi there for you just having the disease means you are at risk and need to stay home for 12 weeks two of which have gone, those under 70 who have to have the flu vaccine annually are also classed at risk. Those over 70 have to stay home too as at risk, pregnant mums also. Total isolation applies for 14 days to those who have the virus or symptoms i.e ongoing new cough or high temperature. People who have family with the symptoms also need to apply theses tactics or if a family member is at risk. There are many sites on line especially Healthunlocked who have given out these details already. Hope this helps

Thank you.


Hi CanadianGIrl_8. Anyone with a respiratory condition (COPD, Asthma, IPF, etc.) should be taking precautions by staying home as much as possible, washing hands often, limiting visitors, and the like. I really emphasize that it's always best to play it safe but not panic.

We're following all CDC recommendations here in New Jersey in my family...

Thank you, hope everyone stays healthy. X

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