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I am new here.


After my last pulminary function test, I was found to have 20% lung function. I have had copd for at least 5 years (probably more). I lost my right upper and middle lobes to lung cancer. I have been in remission for the last two years.

I am looking into a lung transplant and wonder if anyone has any experience with the transplant process. Thank you.

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I have heard good and bad so no not know.

Thank you Sandy. I'm guessing you have this awful disease. It is good to know there are people like you here to help others feel better and welcome. Praying for you, Laurel

Hi Laurel, welcome to this site. I'm glad you're in remission from lung cancer. I have no knowledge about lung transplants, but to be sure, someone else does. I hope you get some answers concerning that. I'll pray for that for you. Terri

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Hi Terri, I see all you've been through. Thank you for your prayers, I'll put you in mine. God Bless you. Feel better, Laurel

Thx Laurel.

Thanks for the prayers.

I had a bilateral lung transplant on January 1st (Happy New a Year!). I'll be glad to answer any questions that you might have about the evaluation process right down to recovery and rehab! You may contact me by email if you would like to do so at ldycatcoach@yahoo.com.

Hello Ldycatcoach, Thank you for replying to me. It is so soon since your transplant and you are trying to help others, does that mean you are feeling pretty good?

I learned alot today just by reading your replies to others. Every day I read something new and different about transplants. Today I have more hope.

I am at the very beginning stages of this journey. My pulmonologist has just referred me to the transplant hospital. I tried to e-mail to you but it wouldn't go through.

God Bless, Laurel

I have had a very unique journey thus far. I had my evaluation in mid-October (4 days of testing) which included a heart catheterization, bone density testing, gastroentronology testing, many blood labs, neuclear lung tests, extreme physical fitness evaluations, some diabetic testing (I'm steroid induced diabetic - three years type 2), psychological and socialogical testing, an evaluation of my care givers plus others I had already had (colonoscopy, skin cancer screening, mammogram, Pap smear, and vaccine updates). After the evaluation, I received a call within 5 days from the committee that I had been accepted. I had an appointment with the transplant team (including my surgeon) and then I was listed. ( upon insurance approval). ( I'll write more later. I must go to physical therapy now.) My journey began. Here is my email again. The L is lowercase. ldycatcoach@yahoo. com

It has been a busy day filled with physical therapy (my new job), PFT's, and a Clinic appointment. Continuing the story of my journey... I had only been listed one day when I got my first call. I was running a low grade fever and on Leviquin, so the team felt it was best not to proceed. I got my second call five days later but it ended as a "dry run" before we even left home. One month after being listed, I received another call on December 31st. I became the number one transplant for UF Health - Shands for 2017! So have your bags packed and ready to go! My transplant was extremely successful and I was walking the hallway without O2 in two days. I was moved out of icu in four days and over to the transplant "hotel". Unfortunately after four days I developed a chylothorax (lungs were fine) and had to be moved back to icu for six days. The Chyle Leak presented new territory for my transplant team. This only occurs in 1% of patients and they had not previously dealt with this. But they were an awesome research team with a great support system. I was placed on a feeding tube and TPN for fluids and nutrition. Various measures and procedures were completed to resolve the issue. Prayers also became an extremely important part of my treatment. Three weeks ago, God blessed me with the joy and comfort of healing and my doctors the wisdom to make the correct decisions. During this time, I also was battling my diabetes. Two weeks ago with all tubes out, I was released from the hospital to the apartments. I'm progressing daily and regaining the strength that I lost in my 42 day stay. Today, I was able to walk 30 minutes on the treadmill at 1.5 mph and complete all of my leg curls, leg lifts, and legs presses. I have had a couple of minor infections which they treat, but thus far no signs of rejection. (Although it will happen - 99% have to receive rejection treatment). I'm able to go to Walmart (lol) Sam's, restaurants, and other places during "uncrowded" times. Of course -always wearing a mask! But absolutely NO oxygen!😷! Please feel free to keep in touch and ask anything. I have many stories from my friends in our support group. Everyone has a different journey. One of my new friends that was transplanted on December 23rd is going home for good tomorrow. She is 71 years young and went through with absolutely no problems! She amazes me and is an inspiration!

Amazing journey. I didn't know they do transplants on older people. Thought 60 was the oldest they do. Most happy for your friend! Ruby🌷

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