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Can anyone tell me what excersise I can do with a fev 1 off 23 not to sure yet I just seem to get very short of breath also I have just completed pulmonary rehab course still struggling

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I'm not sure as I have only mild copd. I would have thought that someone from pulmonary rehab would have been the best source of recommendations. I hope someone can give you answers you're looking for. Take care, Terri


Thank you might have to ask Blf duff


I have seen on You Tube, chair exercises for person's with COPD, that might of some help. Or maybe, you could ask for another pulmonary rehab course...and walking slowly...and sit when you need too.

Take care,



Hi BLF have a great free DVD of exercises for people with lung disease. If you go onto their website you can order it. Good luck Barbs x


One of the problems with exercise is that it makes you breathless...a good thing, but it is uncomfortable so most people don't do it at all, and the less you do the faster you get worse

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I agree with Schmicter, I've been reading a lot lately on the benefits of exercise. Also, I started walking on the weekends, over two years ago, with my husband. Then, I left my job on October 26th and have been trying to walk with him daily. Problem is the weather has been really awful the last 2-3 weeks. However when we do walk, we try to walk 2-3 miles per day and sometimes a little more. At first, I thought, I'll never make it. Now, I want to try to go further. I do get winded; however, overall, I think it has helped me. I wish you the best. I also agree about looking in to chair exercises and maybe just consciously making an effort to walk a few extra steps each day. One person mentioned that every time she uses the bathroom, she will then exercise for 5 minutes. She said it has helped her lose weight and helped her breathing. She is on O2, I am not. Best of luck to you and try to think positively and just breathe!!


Thank you tessko duff


You are very welcome. I think it is hard to think about exercising when you can't breathe. But, everything I've read seems to say you can actually improve how you feel and breathe easier even if it does not improve your lung condition. Oh, and fyi, I joined an on-line Facebook page/group called "Pulmonary Wellness". It is helpful. There is also a website. It is run by a guy that is a respiratory and physical therapist, I believe. He goes by Dr. Noah, although he is a Ph.D. not a medical doctor. He has a book for sale, which I can't afford right now. But, it is on-line for free. I've not finished reading it but, will say, so far it is very good information and very positive. You might check it out. I think the website for the book and other information is pulmonarywellness.com, or something like that. Or, you can look his name up, Dr. Noah Greenspan. The Facebook page has members from around the world with various types of lung disorders/diseases and some who have even had lung transplants but still remain a part of the group. Sorry to have talked your ear off; however, thought this might be helpful. Best of luck to you and Happy Valentine's Day--you may not celebrate it or even care about it. But, I think of it as a day for everyone to share love and try to be loving and kind to one another. Sappy I know...LOL. Oh, and if you've already checked out Pulmonary Wellness, I really apologize for the rambling...:-)


I am having lung function test on Monday to see if I might be suitable for lung coil implants wasint suitable for valve implants


Hello Duff1953

Have you tried exercises sitting ,with small weights, stretches, leg exercises? The ways to do this are many. Also, try exercises off the counter, leg swings, push ups, standing on tip toes for balance. Start with one or two repititions and work up to as many as you can do. The more one does the more one can do. I have a exercise bike and can now do 25 minutes, also have a bike peddler, I do this some days.

It’s not always easy to exercise daily but so important for us. Even just walking around the house for 5 minutes every hour would be a good thing

I have been to pulmonary and cardiac rehab, have learned a lot and has gotten me to where I am today, that and prayers from so many

Good luck and God Bless


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