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Hi, I am fairly newly diagnosed moderate emphysema. I have been checking my o2 stats ( probably too often--obsession). I usually hover around 94-95%, but also can go from 96 down to 92% within a few minutes just sitting there. then with pursed lips breathing go up to 96%. when I walk (the only exercise I do now) I am usually around 92-93%. do others have such fluctuations or is this unusual? thanks. Gayle

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  • I monitor my O2 but not until I finish the exercise. While walking and riding a bike will lower it, it goes uo when I lift weights. Fluctuations are normal. So, I measure before I start and when I finish (unless I have a problem) what I look for is how long it takes my O2 to recover afterward. Thats just me. Obsession is normal, just make sure you know what youre reading because making yourself panic can drive your numbers bad. I know, i've been there. :)

    Have a good night.

  • Thanks! Glad to know others fluctuate. Gayle

  • totally normal for the fluciations. I have been copd very severe 10 yrs oxygen 24/7. with my oxy on 5 lpm i have been known to drop to 77 w/ an exerabation. I have actually stopped breathing. Freaked out and did rescue inhaler, mindful purse lip breathing, nebulizer treatment, then BPAP until my breathing stabelized. If it had not come up to at least 90 w/ in 10 or minutes I would have had to go to the hospital. The doc wants me in there any way for IV treatment but that could possibly mean a ventalor, a road i don't want to travel. the best thing is when you go below 90 do a rescue med, i use ventoin inhaler. stop what you are doing sit down lean forward on your arms w/ belly protuding and take very deep breaths through you nose. hold it for four seconds or so then blow out forcefully from your belly. this should bring your sats back up pretty quickly. do yourself a favor and get to pulmonay rehab, it's what has saved me. to educate yourself, a good web site is ultimate pulmonary wellness and click on the docs and videos available there. good luck breathe on.

  • Thanks for the response. I am in the US & since I am moderate PR wont be covered on my insurance until I am severe. I have recently discovered Noah Greenspan & am very impressed with his videos. thanks again. Gayle

  • I am also obsessed but what your readings are seem very normal! I always fluctuate

  • thank you so much for responding. gayle

  • I am on O2 i2 24/7. When I move around much at all my level will drop to mid 80s. Then after sitting a little while I'm back to mid 90's. Doctors goal for me is 93-100 . Heart rate isI causing some problems. I go to doctors Tuesdsy do hoping for help.

  • thanks! Good luck at your Dr. appt. Tues.

  • That is pretty normal so just take it easy, I wish I could walk I have my right knee with bone on bone so cannot do much walking wish I could. They will not do surgery they do not think I could do the exercise after, because I am on oxygen 24/7. Sounds like your doing good.

  • Sorry to hear about your knee. I am newly diagnosed and have discovered how terrible this disease is in so many ways. Take care. Gayle

  • Howdy! I am just turned 68 years. I too have bone on bone for both knees and can cannot walk very well. I am on blood thinner so knee replacements cannot be accomplished. I have had COPD 15 years now with a FEV1 of 1.1. 0xygen 24/7 at two liters. I am at exact proper weight and eat a diabetic diet. ( A1C at 5.2%) I have 4 fingertip pulse oximeters and they are calibrated with my Doc's. I carry one with me always and a spare in the car. I try to take it easy and conserve my energy. If I feel tired, I take a short snooze. I take an anti-anxiety pill (Librium) to lower my stress levels. I take my meds EXACTLY as my Doc says. Most folks with COPD will eventually develop diabetes. Best wishes-Dale- Villages of Bayport.

  • I did not know this about diabetes a person can get

    this after awhile. Sorry about all this for you, I get so depressed most of the time, I wish I could just stay in bed all day, but I suppose that will come soon enough. How many years have you had the COPD and your knees.

    Did you says you still go out and walk, just with one knee I do not walk a lot, and I know with COPD I should do some walking.

    Thanks again for the e-mail sort of, wish we could meet. It would be good just to talk to some one like you and I also wish we could be e-mail pen pals.


  • How are you doing today, do you walk every day?

  • I am doing ok. We are having beautiful weather. How are you today? Yes, I walk most everyday for 30-45 min.

  • Well doing okay, talked to my minister today that seems to help and learn about myself. But with bone on bone how can you walk so far plus oxygen 24/7?

  • Sorry. I am the wrong person. I am Gayle (revagayle) I did the original post. I do not have knee problems (yet) & am not on oxygen.. you are wanting to talk to sabalo, I think. Have a good night. Gayle

  • Thanks for the info. Sorry for you knee problems. That is terrible that they cant do surgery, take care. Gayle

  • Read what I typed to revagayle is was for you

  • I sent a reply to Revagayle can you read what I wrote her it was for you?

  • Hi, yes I can read what you write. I guess she doesn't see it because it was on my original post?

    Up at the top in the search box type in in her/his name & you can send a private message. sabalo

  • Hi Dale, I some how just saw your post today. Thanks so much for your response. Sounds like you are managing your condition as well as you can. Best wishes & take care, Gayle

  • My my problems a little worse . However at one time I wouldn't take the O2 readings and doesn't bother me now. I can go from the 90s down to the mid 80s. At one time that was really a shocker for me. With Gods help He cleared my mind and taught me to relax more. I believe you should try to do a little bit more than just walk don't know what but find something. God bless

  • Thank you. I should probably be doing some strength training also.

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