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Posted this earlier didn't get any reply wondered if I posted in wrong place but here goes il try again I have a pip medical next week at home I'm very anxious about it can anyone who's been through it tell me what they do when they come i.e. Do they as you to do excersise or walking I would just like to be prepared a bit before they come thanks in advance to anyone who can help

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  • Go to www.benefits and work.co.uk. I found a self-test on the site that may help you understand the questioning process.

  • Thank you have a good day

  • I only had 1, not a home visit. I would say, don't brush you hair, wear make up. Don't dress up to look nice, it comes under grooming. They might ask you to go upstairs, make shore you struggle more than you do,,go up very very slowly, do every thing slower..

  • Thank you Tina226 il remember have a good day

  • Good Afternoon Rhiannon10, my name is Patricia7. I had my PIP assessment several weeks ago at home. They will ask you a lot of questions e.g are you able to cook for yourself? wash yourself? walk easily or any struggles re walking or go on a bus , you get points for each question asked, varying in difficulty. The person who does the assessment is not the one who makes the final decision. Explain how you are affected re each question. I had a nice lady, took approx 45 minutes, it is an hour at the most. Write some notes if you suffer with anxiety. Just explain Rhiannon10, that is all you need to do, tell the assessor about your life and what you struggle with everyday. I hope that helps. I will be thinking of you. I wish you all the very best re your assessment Please let me know the outcome, thank you Patricia7

  • Thank you Patricia7 I do appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me I will most certainly let you know the outcome have a good day

  • Hi patricia7 that's me just had my assessment the girl was very nice she didn't ask me to do anything she only asked me questions she was here for about 40 minutes just have to wait and see if I get to keep my disability payments will keep yous posted have a good day breath easy Hun xx

  • Good evening Rhiannon10, Patricia7 here. Thank you very much for your post. I am very pleased that the assessment went well. Please do let me know the decision when it comes, I hope it is quick for you. You said you are housebound, Rhiannon10, do you have any support? are you married if you don't mind me asking? I am sending you best wishes re your health . I will be thinking of you. Good night. Thank you Patricia7.

  • Thank you patricia7 I am widowed but my brother lives with me he's a saint .i don't go out because of the panick attacks I get Since my husband passed away he was my soulmate .i guess Ive just gave up on life really,and the emphysema doesn't help but I am going to really seek help for this panicking so I can get myself on track for PR as I have asked to go there and learn some excersises that will be suitable for me , I have a daughter she will be here this weekend after she finishes work today she will stop till Monday that's always nice she lives about an hours drive from me so not to far.have a nice weekend Patricia7 breath easy Hun xx

  • Rhiannon10 , Patricia7 here. Good evening, thank you very much for your post. I am very glad that you have support. Try your G.P. re counselling re your panic attacks, I think that is the quickest way or asked to be referred for C.B.T, but that can have a long waiting list. I wish you all the very best. Patricia7.

  • Thank you payricia7 have a good day Hun breath easy xx

  • You shoudnt have to pretend if your copd is that bad ?

  • Think my meds will say it all really ,I just get anxiety when I have to meet people now

  • Shadow4me I hope your not thinking for one minute that I'm pretending to have emphysema and chronic bronchitis and chronic asthma I've had copd for!a lot of years the emphysema is a recent diagnosis as well as Angina among other illnesses I've always worked until 4 years ago I had to give it up I only started claiming benefits 2 years ago I get anxious at the thought of being round people now so in answer to your reply I don't pretend I have no need to I've been house bound for 3 years now ???

  • Sorry didn't mean to sound rude but the way you worded it doesn't look good for us sufferers ,No one should have to look or act their worst to get what they are entitled to just be honest and be yourself I'm sure with all you are suffering you are entitled to it

  • I merely was asking what it entails and what to expect as I can't walk far or do excersises if you got the impression from that and read into differently then it's any wonder the real sufferers get no help and the fakes taken by the hand sorry but I don't think my asking what to expect makes me a dishonest person ,that's what your answer implies

  • MY reply wasn't meant for you it was for tina 226 ?

  • I do apologise I thought it was aimed at me

  • No it was the lady that told you to pretend just be yourself I'm sure you will be fine I had a home visit the only thing they asked me to do was a peak flow xx

  • Sometimes you have to pretend. I have diseases that affect me that are under-recognized here in USA. So in order to get benefits, some people play up the recognized diseases. If you put on make up and look clean, they will think you're feeling well and hold that against you. These examiners don't always see you on a bad day. They need to get a good picture of a bad day. There are days when I can do 2 hours worth of intermittent cleaning with a lot of rest in between. Then there are days when my pain is so bad it leaves me on the couch all day unless I take triple the amount of pain meds I'm prescribed. They need to see you when you're at your worst. I guess it all depends on how you want to look at things. If I was to walk for an hour, I would be limping for the rest of the day. Is that faking. To walk for an hour and then jack up my already jacked up leg to show how bad it gets when I stress the injury out. Sorry for being snarky lol. I just think they force us to embellish sometimes because they can't see us when we are really suffering.

  • Hi Blizzard 2014 Thank you I think they don't realise our illnesses are hidden if we look alright I'm sure people presume we're healthy it's happening today there coming this morning I'm stressed out already you hear a lot of horror stories of these assessors telling lies writing things down that where never said .have a good day

  • Have you heard about your pip x

  • Hi Linny 63 yes I got it again review after 2018 thank you for asking Hun x

  • I posted this morning on here about my problems I only get £220 a month no mobility component😢

  • Hi Linny63 can't you ask them to reconsider it and ask them why they are not paying the mobility component

    And maybe you can get a copy of what the assessor wrote on there as they can lie I've heard a lot of people say there where lies wrote down hope you can get it sorted and get what your entitled to have a good day Hun keep us updated x

  • Thank you x

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