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Should I go to hospital?

Went on a 5 day bus trip.The minute I got back and stepped off the bus it really hit me!....All kinds of green phlegm from my lungs, more troubles breathing, headache, coughing. (The woman friend I roomed with in the hotel just told me her elderly mother has the same thing, for 3 weeks. I don't think my body will live through 3 weeks of this).

That was a Friday night. I began 5-day Azithromycin I had on hand for emergencies and last one taken Tuesday morning. I feel worse. My doctor's office said not to take another round of the antibiotics but I found that sometimes it wont work unless I do? Secretary said don't take one on top of another and that it stays in system for 10 days. But on box it does say keeps working 6-10 days.

I also have not needed oxygen for over 3 years and today I do as it goes to 87 and I still have troubles breathing.......

If it was not for my young dog, I would just go to the hospital. My son lives here and sometimes works for 12 hours gone. I have her crate trained but cannot leave her that long in a crate......She doesn't chew up too many things anymore. She is a Sheltie (if that matters).

I'm thinking of leaving her loose in the house but I am a bit scared of that too. I cannot have my elderly friends look after her.

Any suggestions? I feel worse after taking Airborne, Azithromycin, Tussin, Sodium Naproxen since day one......?

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If I were you I would get a sputum sample tested, the outcome of this will let the medics know the optimum antibiotic to sort you out. You are correct in thinking that it may need more than one weeks meds to cure it. I recently had a chest infection which required 2 weeks of Doxycycline.

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Thank you....I am waiting for a return call from the doctor's office as I asked for that sputum test.


THE DOCTOR OFFICE NEVER CALLED ME BACK. It is always this way. Perhaps they have too many patients to be able to take care of them all? That is just greediness. . . . .

I just called again and told them what I want and now they might even see me and give me a shot?....Will let you know what happens. I am allergic to many of the steroids so I have to find out which ones. The prednisone I know I am allergic to. But they mentioned solu-medrol, also a steroid so I am checking at the hospital right now.......


I’ve recently had to take a second dose/series of zithro

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Thank you. It is always a welcome response to know if others are similar to myself....


Go to the hospital now


Go to the hospital!!!!!!!


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