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Was having such a good day no inhaler or anything. Walked out with work for lunch and felt breathless when I came back. Not sure if it as I constantly have it in my head and it's anxiety as when I'm relaxed at home I'm fine only sometimes in work feel short of breath. More convinced now it might be copd and not asthma. Really hoping for a miracle on Monday for my retake of my spirometry

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Hi, I can identify with your anxiety. I'm sure most people with our conditions experience it, esp. at first when we don't have the answers we want to hear. Big adjustment. Not fun, but you'll get there. Just remember to keep your rescue inhalant with you. That way rather than panic, you can just use it. Still praying for you test results. Let us know. Take care,Terri

Me too Terri really praying. You are so no kind. Hope you are well. Thanks Donna

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