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Feeling nervous, anxious and a bit overwhelmed

Having lung testing tomorrow after test will see pulmonary doc

afterwards not sure why I'm feeling like I am it's not normal for

Me but I think I'm worried about what my doc may say. Also, I'm going away for two months to visit a friend for a month then

I'm going to rent for one month in Arizona but feeling safe in my apartment and I don't want to leave like I said I don't know why.

Blessings to all so appreciate you!

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I believe all your feelings are quite normal, even if not for you. Especially if you've never had these tests before. If these are the spirimetry type its REALLY understandable. You must push your breathing to its limits and can be scary when your air is gone.

The 2-3 I've had weren't rescheduled so no time to freak out. One thing, worrying about the outcome is wasted energy. It is what It is at this point.

Good luck and breathe easy. Enjoy your upcoming break.


I've had times like that too but I never go anyway for that long. I'll tell my family in TN and VA I'll be going for a couple of weeks but then by a week I'm ready to go home. I feel really nervous and anxious and have to go home. I hope it doesn't make you very nervous. Maybe once you get there you'll feel better about it. I hope you have a good time.


Thank you for your replies....and yes it is what it is...

Saying that makes me peaceful...

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I just did the same thing yesterday. don,t be nervous.your doc might surprise you just do what you can and live life


Thank you, kluthj.


Did well on first test don't know my numbers but the one where you pant, and one other I didn't do as well so he prescribed dulera 2x a day but my insurance doesn't cover it so I going to call y cover Breo and Anoro. Also, because my OSL runs low I will sleep with oxygen and if I exert my self. I have more ??'s but will ask him when I go back. Thanks for your support.


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