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Hello, Looking for experience

Hello everyone! I'm looking for ways to help my mom, who was diagnosed with COPD in 2015 after my father died. I'm sitting in ICU watching my mom slowly come off sedation from being intubated. We're dealing with exacerbation, CHF, sepsis, yeast infection everywhere, unknown fungus in sputum, PE, small leg clot, and lest I forget-Afib as of late. I feel like I've failed her in so many ways and if we make it through this, I want to make sure she has the best quality of life possible. I know she's not end stage, but not sure where she's at because we were never informed and I didn't ask. She's 67, smoked up until I took her to ER. In hindsight, I think she was depressed, malnourished, dehydrated, and in need of skin care. She hid it well and is proud and private. I've tried to respect her decisions and not push-it is her life, but that's what led us here. Please tell me how to help increase her quality of life while respecting her dignity. I run my own business and have two kids so I stay busy, but I will figure out how to make it work. Any suggestions welcome-she's my best friend and I wish I could take this horrible disease for her. My heart is breaking.

PS. She's on Symbicort, ventolin rescue, & theophylline & they worked great before she got sick & had this grab bag of diagnoses after being admitted.

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I was always a private person, would not tell my children anything because I didn't want them to worry about me. After all, they have their own lives to live.

I learned the hard way to ask for help when I needed it (although I am still a bit stubborn). Maybe your Mom has realized that she is going to need assistance.

First thing I would suggest is have a heart to heart talk, let her know how you feel and how worried you are.

You didn't say anything about her current living situation, but if she lives alone, maybe make other arrangements? If she lives in a senior community, maybe find a way to get her more involved with others, more social. Losing a spouse is a very difficult thing to go through. It is very easy to fall into depression, but it is not healthy to live there.

I wish you the best. Please keep in touch, let us know how she is doing.

Maybe copy your post to COPD?

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I think that's kinda where I'm at the kids just don't realize how bad I am. I have Hid it, dealt with it on my own so long they just didn't realize and in some way neither did I. Now seems like everything is falling apart. I cannot live by myself I could but I might want to really think differently on that. Get a smaller place, do things alot different.


I'd spend as much time as you can with her. The sepsis and CHF are fast moving illness. My mom was very private too. She didn't like to ask for help and be a burden. She hid her illness from all my brothers and only shared with me. She thought they wouldn't be able to handle knowing she was getting toward the end. Prayers and Hugs. I wish I had better news for you.

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May I ask why she got sepsis?


I have copd need to make some very important changes in my life and I truly believe if I do there is hope. If you'd take the time to listen to this it may help you too. Also there are things you need to take. Iodine,vitB1, vitC and nac5 or 600 MGS. All this is totally apart from the video. So if you're interested in know more on that part just let me know I'll share with you. One thing we need to detox our bodies and do anti-oxidant in our systems. Anyway just listen to this and let me know what you think. It starts out kinda slow, but it gets very very interesting. Thank you for letting me share.


I had watched this before, if you search for him he also bebunks the flu vaccine and explains some of the symptons attached to it. However i have never had a flu when taking the vaccine and as a copd sufferer its very hard to decide should i or not as in our position the flu could wipe us out. But his analysis is spot on and i would have no prob not protecting against flu via jag if more carriers would pay more attention to hygienic issues when the flu is been spread.


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