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New diagnosis

Hi, my hubby is newly diagnosed in UK. Was given a new inhaler and tablets to thin mucus and that's it, no referral to hospital, no tests. He is very overweight and currently waiting for a gastric bypass. I just feel that docs are not bothered because of his weight. He has has asthma all his life but contacted legionnaires disease last year on holiday and has been a lot worse s Ince wnith breathing. Anyone think he should be having more tests??

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Hi Gill I've got copd and all I've had is inhalers and when had flare up antibiotics and steroids never been examined couldn't do test cos I had infection I think it depends what doc you have some just fob u off u need someone whose a specialist I'm gonna demand to get referred to one when I go docs Wednesday fed up off being fobbed off with antibiotics all time hope everything goes well

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