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"My mom has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

She was diagnosed, erroneously, with asthma a few years ago. As it turns out, what she has is more like emphysema than asthma. She’s never had anything similar to an asthmatic attack. Her breathing has just gotten steadily worse over the years. She stopped smoking nearly 20 years ago, but the damage that the previous 30 years of smoking had caused gradually became more and more obvious.

So, my mom’s experience with the so-called experts started with a misdiagnosis. The recommendation was to place her on the drug Advair. Advair contains a steroid, and as you may know, steroid side effects are notorious.

Two of the side effects that have been reported with Advair that Mom experienced included cataracts and thinning of the skin / bruising. The bruising got to be so bad that if she simply scratched an itch it could cause a bruise that was so severe it would bleed. She also developed a cataract in each eye, both of which have been removed.

When the side effects became so bad, she went to a different pulmonologist. He suggested she try the drug Spiriva and he told her she never should have been put on Advair in the first place. With Spiriva, her legs began to ache so badly that she could no longer bend down without having help to get back up.

Now one could say that breathing is more important than being bruise free, cataract free and pain free … and one would be right. But what if there was a way for her to have all those things and to breathe better? Wouldn’t that be the best option?

During much of this time, I had been researching COPD and looking for less toxic alternatives. I came across several different sources that talked about favorable outcomes with something called “inhaled glutathione.”

Glutathione, a master antioxidant and immune booster, is the most efficient free radical scavenger in the airways, and dozens of studies have confirmed that free radical damage is a primary player in COPD. Glutathione is produced by the body’s cells and has no known negative side effects.

So I found a doctor (an M.D. who obviously has taken it upon herself to add to the education she received in medical school) who knows about inhaled glutathione and its uses for COPD. Mom went to see her and started using the glutathione right away.

It’s important to note that oral glutathione supplements don’t work for COPD. Oral glutathione is poorly absorbed and it’s extremely critical that for COPD the INHALED version of glutathione be used.

That was several years ago, and Mom has been able to completely stop using the drugs and has been using only the glutathione. She has no side effects … no bruising, no new cataracts, all the pain in her legs has gone away. She had come to think she had arthritis, and now she knows without a doubt it was a side effect of the Spiriva.

Of course, Mom has been to see her pulmonologist many times and has told him all about the glutathione. How many of his other patients do you think he’s shared this substance with?


There are hundreds of people suffering with similar side effects who could possibly benefit from the same results if only they were given the option.

Does that border on malpractice?

You know my opinion. What do you think?"

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  • Google the name JeffCOPDWaters. My breathing is so much better now than I have stage 4 COPD

  • Is there a thread on cannabis oil here?

  • Are you on Facebook

  • I use cannabis oil. I make brownies with it, cuz it's too hard to smoke. It seems to help me with my breathing. I have noticed a difference when I use it. Don't know if there's already a thred going on this topic or not. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • OK, glad it seems to be helping, but, why I asked if there is a thread on cannabis oil...people keep popping into threads and taking it off topic. This thread is about inhaled glutathione. IF users are so enthused about it, why don't they start their own thread?

  • I did not know glutathione is inhaled. do you have any more info on it?

  • This page has the info. You would need your doctor to prescribe the glutathione to use in nebulizer.

  • yes

  • interesting...i'm in the same boat as your mother. going to pulm doc in march...have nutrition friend and will research the suppliment...thank you for your information. let us know how your mother is doing.

  • The article in my OP is from the Web. I see the link I gave there isn't working. This ought to work:

    There's a comments section if you want to request updates or more info.

    Now I will fix the link in my OP.

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