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Hyper inflated lungs

I am new to this but here goes. I recently in the past few months have had severe issues with shortness of breathe. I have lost consciousness twice now in the last two months. I was admitted to the hospital. They ran all kinds of tests. CT of my head. Clean. MRI. Clean. My spinal tap came back with high level of protein. 77. They ran a chest X-ray cause I'm having stabbing sharp pain in my right upper chest cavity. It showed my lungs were hyper-inflated and looked to be trapped my diaphragm was also flattened out. I have seen a pulmonary doctor Tim. They gave me a breathe test, you know the one with the monkeys you have to blow out of the tree? I had no problem inhaling but exhaling I couldn't get it out. I have a CT and PFT tomorrow. They put me on ventolin..the did a blood blot test to run for any Aplha-1 as well. I guess I'm just looking for some feed back until tomorrow...thank you for taking the time.

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Ltonzola my name is Debbie. I'm sorry your goi,g through all this but don't get too worried. It sounds like your Dr's are on top of things. Wait for the test results then go from there. Stay away from anything that will cause you too lose breath like perfumes or sprays. Did they give you a Nebulizer to take home? That and a rescue inhaler just in case. If not ask the Dr about it, it helps. I'm sorry I don't have much information to help but now that your on here you will have plenty support and friendly ppl. It helps knowing they understand. Good luck I will say a prayer that all goes well for you.



I have never heard of this, please keep me informed about this okay.

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Ltonzola........welcome to the world of COPD. I also have hyperinflated lungs. They call them long lungs. flat diapham, cant exale , only inlhale. Stage 4 very severe. For over a decade now. Very chemical sensitive to the point I can't stay in most hotel rooms now. Or be in big cities w/ pollution. I need to be at sea level in order to have any quality of life. This from my pulm doctor. Best advice I ever got. Immediatle signed up for Pulmonary Rehab, after 4 years I have been educated, exercised, to the point I'm pretty functional. If you can' do PR at least get a treadmill or take walks and do and weights. STAY away from sick people as what may make them sick for a few days cna knock you down for months! I'm not kidding. get pneu and flu shots. Take your meds. I'm on oxygen and have to turn it up when i exert. If you want to know anything else someone in your position has just shoot me a message. goood luck...oh PURSE LIP BREATE when short of breath. In through the nose , hold for a few seconds, then blow out all the way through purse lips. reapeat. if you get a pulse oxyimeter for your finger from the pharmacy you can tell if you have enough oxygen in your blood. called saturation. try and stay above 90%....adios


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