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essiet: Just thought I would drop a few lines and say Iam doing much better. I got sick in December of 2016 and it took 5 months for me to say Iam better. Long time to be sick huh? I was admitted to the hospital in January as the dr had tried antibiotics and a steroid but it didn't work I just got worse. I went into the hospital and was there for 7 days and was on a stronger steroid and also an antibiotic that was administered intravenously. The head nurse didn't want me to leave the hospital as she kept saying I was not well enough to go home but I had to get home to my little dog. My other little dog died while I was in the hospital and that broke my heart. She was 15 years old and I know she must have felt like I had deserted her. My other little dog was traumatized as she had never been alone and my husband was staying in the hospital all day and just home at night. I came home and my little dog just wrapped herself around my neck. She was ecstatic to see me. I have not left her since but to just go to the dr. After I got home I felt so sick and so weak. It took 2 weeks for me to get my strength back but I still felt sick. I went to the dr for a after hospital check up and he prescribed more antibiotics. I took them and then a month later I was back to the dr again and had to go on more antibiotics and also a steroid. After that time I noticed a big change but while being sick and coughing I had broken a rib and also coughed up blood. I had to get a CT scan and wow I didn't realize I had so much wrong with me. I read the report and its not good so Iam shocked I feel so good. God has been working on me as he is the great physician. I still get out of breath when walking but I don't cough and I no longer have that nasty mucous in me which that has been the problem all along. I kept telling the dr's if they would get the mucous out of me I would feel much better. I cannot wait till I see my lung dr to tell him how much better I feel. God bless all of you and never give up. There is a miracle waiting around the corner for all of us.

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  • So sorry to hear about your little dog's passing while you were in the hospital. Bet your other dog was so happy to see you after your long absence. After several months of missing you and the loss of his playmate, you were the best medicine for him. On the plus side of being sick for so long you now feel so much better. I am also breathless when walking, but the bright side is that we are still walking. Have a great day!

  • Thank you for the reply. I now can understand why so many people get depressed and are ready to just give up as I was starting to feel the same way. To be that sick and have to be admitted to the hospital for 7 days and still be sick when I left there was so depressing. The only bright thing in my life right then was my little dog Abby. She was so happy to see me and that cheered me on. Iam so happy to be feeling better and I owe it to God for helping me thru it and also the dr's and the nurses and my husband that cared for me. I was totally helpless even when I got home from the hospital. I thought I would be better but was disappointed when I got home and felt so terrible. The head nurse told me that I would feel that way and she told me to just lay around and do nothing to exert myself and that is what I did. Then I got sick two more times and had to take even more antibiotics. Now Iam feeling great and I pray I stay this way. Thanks again for writing as I love this website its so great as I have learned so much on here. Have a great day Essiet

  • You're welcome! Keeping a positive attitude and being mobile will help in maintaining the way you now feel. Stay positive and upbeat and have a great evening. Mary Anne

  • I'm breathless while walking also but I thank god everyday that I can walk

  • Ditto!

  • That is so great

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