My Hand

My Hand

This is supposed to be a fatty tissue tumor. It started as a small bump the day after I thought I had broken a blood vessel in the back of my hand. It has been growing for twelve years. I had no insurance so I couldn't get it looked at. Well I did have many doctors and surgens and even a hand specialist look at it, but none of them knew what it was so they would send me to another doctor. I never had enough money to go to doctor after Doctor so it was never taken care of.

The bump feels like air to me. There are two or three small lumps on the palm of my hand also.. I am going into surgery soon with no gaurntee of having the use of my hand when it's over. Doctor said it is wrapped around all the nerves and everything else in my hand. I am little scared to have this done. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Out of seventeen doctors this is the only one that has shown an interest in removing it and hasn't sent me to someone else. He is a hand surgeon.

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  • Good luck!

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