Small Victory

Small Victory

I use a nebulizer and have always felt rushed with my delivery system because it was creating mist the entire time it was on and I rushed thru the treatment to not waste the drugs. Lots of vouching and blow back from that rushing. Respiratory therapist just gave me a new mouth piece that only mist when I breath in (closed system) so the medicine isn't being wasted. Much less stressful and relaxing and cost effective!!!! If you look at he too it can be closed or open.

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  • Yes I like that one also. I have several bec I bring them home from hospital stays.

  • Do you know where RT got it?Thanks.

  • I brought mine home from the hospital and that is why I posted the picture so everyone could find their own source. Good luck!

  • The breath activation mouth piece are great to use with Nebulizer machine !! I personally prefer that one.

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