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What should I ask the doctor

Hi everyone. My partner was diagnosed with emphysema last week. He has another appointment next month and I'm going to go with him. I was just wondering what sort of questions we should be asking the doctor

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I wish I could help but I know I have not asked all I should yet either, and I have been seeing a Dr. for about 3 to 4 years now.


I guess there are always questions we need to ask


The best thing to do is to get all your fears and things you will have no doubt read on the interweb down on a piece or pieces of paper and then use that as a prompt for the questions to ask.

I have COPD and was in denial for 4 years until this year since then I have taken control of it and now feel a whole lot better. Don't let it control you - take control of it make the lifestyle changes and it will be OK for many years to come.

Not sure of either of you smoke but that is the first thing you need to stop.


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Yes he does smoke I don't think he realises how serious it is 😐


First, I will tell you my health issues, then, how I deal with them! I am 75 years old, smoked for 42 years, quit 14+ years ago, have not had 1 puff since. Occasionally want one still, but the urge is gone within seconds. So, I have had surgery on my heart for a stent placement, one knee replacement, both hips replaced, thyroid completion surgery and 4 other minor ones. I have methotrexate lung damage due to an adverse reaction to that drug 14 years ago,, plus COPD diagnosis then as well. I recently spent 6 days in the hospital with that terrible flu going around. Was on oxygen for a couple of weeks, off now. So, what do I do to help myself? Positive action! Start wth your mind by staying as positive and cheerful as you can. Be social, whether on or off oxygen. Important to be involved with conversation and laughter with others. Walk walk, walk! Practise belly breathing. Use an exercise bike. Choose a reasonable hobby. Try an adult coloring book! Above all, ACCEPT your illness! Then find ways to LIVE with it. You do have my sympathy, becase i understand the journey. So sorry, but with perseverance and a POSITIVE attitude, you will find a new normal. If smoking is still an issue, I can give you some pointers. So, make a new future plan and the sooner the better! Praying the best for you and your partner.


I'm going to do my best to stay positive :) thank u for all the advice xxx


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