Hi I have servere copd ,A few days before xmas I woke up really wheezy the nurse said it was in my upper airways and a virus so no antibiotics .After a week I started coughing up yellow and green plehm and have been ill since .But they still refuse antibiotics and although I feel more breathless I know it is my throat .Has anyone else had this it is like having bronchitis

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  • My doc tells me that green mucus means infection and that it must always be treated with antibiotics. A viral affection can become infected. I would go back. Perhaps take a sample of the mucus and ask for it to be tested? This would identify the infection and tell them which antibiotic would be the most affective.

  • I agree with Toci. Go back to your Dr. or even another one if he won't listen. As a rule, we know our bodies and how they function better than some doctors. I believe in erring on the side of caution and since you are still not feeling better, I would strongly request antibiotics before this turns into pneumonia.

  • Hi shadow4me; You need to find a new doctor, you also need to be on antibotic. My doctor always give me my copd action plan before I leave his office and it states that when the color changes to call him and he starts me on antibotic immediately. Whenever I have to call the doctors office I let them know up front that I'm a COPD patient, that seems to get to the doctor alot faster then saying nothing does. Bronchitis will go into pneumonia and that is the one thing you don't want to happen.

  • I did I got predizone and amoxicillin after about too days I was getting better and was told to take liquid mucinex and drink only water a lot of products contain sugar and cause the flex to thicken and harder to come out my husband had it worse he was in hospital a week and turned into pneumonia I saw what he went thru and fought mine in time gree is no good

  • I cant take c ertain drugs because i also have heart failure.

  • My husband just had a quadruple hart surgery in June and a trak in ICU for 3 mo but go to er and they can give u a iv good luck

    We take generic mucinex every night for congestion because when u lay down it seems to come up easier

    Get well

  • My hearts bad enough that quadrupal surgary wouldnt have worked. Your husbands heart isnt as bad as mine. I have a defribulator and pacemaker in my chest. Alot of cold meds make my heart race too high. My doctors said to me 8 years ago. No more cold meds ever. Heart failure is alot different than quadrupal heart surgary. I also have afib. But thank you for the comment.

  • I'm sorry for your health my husband as in bad shape after surgery they wanted to pull the plug but his pulmonary doc took me to the side and told me these doc only knew him a short time I no him 10 years I no his body he assured me he can do it he put him on a trak while in a drip coma and spent 3 1/2 mo in ICU he come out slowly and the trak come out then he had therapist to walk again but he didn't have the other things u did I hope for u to get well and I enjoy talking to u bless u and u r health u take care

  • We found a doc that does hart and lungs to work with my husbands breathing doc before and after the surgery on his hart it was tough but he pulled thru it was hard on me also because I have copd also

    Hoe u get well soon

  • Yes i should find one that does heart and lungs both. I dont even go to a pulminologist. Only twice in the last 8 years have i gone.

  • I hope u find one soon and u get well but until then find a pulmonary doctor I go to one I don't like the med but they help I stay active oh well I ll talk with u later get well soon

  • Im on spiriva, dulera, and albuterol. Have been for 8 years. Thanks gor your comment.

  • I take Sprivia , symbacort witch I get free from Astra Zenca there is a form u get on line and your doc fill out and faxs to them I do this yearly and thy mail 3 month supply at a time I find that in the morning when I wake up I do my nebelizer and mid day and before bed helps a lot then I also have a rescue in Haley I rarely use I'm on ox 24 / 7 but Whalen sitting around I take it off for a bit I stay active that's the main thing to do and my hubby s and he's on the same meds but he not as active but we have a stationary bike 10 min a day can even help I like to talk to u I hope u get well have a great day

  • Sorry you're not feeling well. I would press the doctors until they see you again & prescribe what you need. I also am affected with phylem, at times. I find that taking musinex twice a day usually brings fast relief...that's if you have no infection. I also gargle with warm salt water & drink plenty of water. I'll be praying that you get well soon. Terri

  • get your self into the emergency room and get a chest xray and some blood work. i'm very severe and fighting it since october.....first exerbation in a decade. I have very low reserves and no resistance due to a slpleen removal as a child. do no let it keep going on.....and get worse

  • Shadow 4me....Do you see a pulmonary doctor or did you see a regular doctor ?

    Pulmonary doctor would put you on a antibiotics and Prednisone. When your coughing up yellow or green mucus that is infection.

    I have been on 3 different antibiotics and Prednisone off and on since November mine started out as a serious sinus infection. Wheezing coughing up thick nasty mucus very tired. Upper respiratory infection is nothing to push aside. Go see a different doctor or ER.

  • Pulmonary DR we dont get to see one until you are so ill you go to the hospital ,I haven't even got to see a GP only a nurse and a paramedic who they now have at the surgery x

  • Yes my husband and I had it we were in hospital for 3 days with a antibiotics drips 2a day and when we come home amoxicillin and predizone then felt great but when I feel like this and catch before wheezing I call doc and she calls in meds for me and it works but every night before I go to bed I take generic mucinex cough and congestion cough syrup it works great because when you lay down the flem comes out easier drink lots of water I feel great

  • Yes my husband did and he went to hospital and got testing in er they kept him due to a virus and more testing said his virus was a yeast infection they gave him 2 iv drips a day one hour long and predizone and then I got it I went to er they kept me and the same thing I was in for 3 days then when we got home they gave us predizone and amoxicillin for 7 days felt great after 2 days

    Maybe u need a new doc

  • Yes i got it right after thanks giving and im finally better. It is terrible. Even made it hard on me and my copd isnt as bad as yours. Its goibg around and it lasts a month or longer.

  • I cant afford the doctor so i didnt go. But my mucouse is still bad. The couogh and cold part is gone.

  • I drink a lot of water and take generic mucinex for cough / congestion and it helps break it up 2 times a day when I lay on my side it for some reason helps it come out more

  • Having tests this Thursday, after test see pulmonary Doc. Sleep with O2 and use dulera 2x a day. I so understand going out with oxygen I know that I will feel shame and know folks will be quick to judge. If it comes down to needing O2 24/7 I'm determined I will go out and know it takes courage.

    Bless you and all on this site!

    Grateful for this site!!! 🙏🏼

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