Through the night something happens that wakes me up unable to breathe well or I'll sleep pretty much ok, but wake up congested. I'm using the humidifier, I've taken Benedryl, and often times do steam treatments. Do you know any thing else I can try to help with this overnight congestion that's making it hard for me to breathe? Having been diagnosed w/copd, this congestion only adds more stress upon me.

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  • I do the ocean spray for that helps me.

  • What is "the ocean spray?"

  • It is a saline mist spray that you put up in your nose, so you can get that stuff out.

  • Fluticasone propionate. Flonase or claritin nasal sprays. See allergist for allerys

  • I have been prescribed and used the Fluticasone Propionate, two sprays each nostril, once daily and haven't gotten any good results. Do you use yours more than that?

  • I use the Mucinex cough syrup at night for severe congestion and it helps to break it up and I take one mucinex in the morning tablet it helps get that stuff loosen and easier to get up

  • Perhaps, I need to try a different kind of the Mucinex. I'm happy it is working for you.

  • I get that a lot also. I have pulled my mask off in the middle of the night because I couldn't breath. I use prescription nasal spray as well. It helps. You wouldn't think it could happen while using the humidifier, but it does. Good luck, hope you find relief. 😉

  • Yes, wearing that mask and not feeling like you can breathe is definitely terrifying. I've come out of that mask several times :-( Soon, I will find a spray that works for me, if it's out there.

  • Same thing happens to me too! One morning I woke up and literally couldn't breathe even after the inhalers and nebulizer. Had to call 911....scared me to death. I do the nebulizer before going to bed but if I sleep longer than 5 hours I wake up with breathing issues...I feel for you..

  • Not being able to breathe even after using the nebulizer is indeed terrifying. I pray we have more better breathing days.

  • I drink peppermint tea, green tea and ginseng tea. I found peppermint tea is the most effective. Try it when you feel congestion to see the effects.

  • That sounds delicious. Thanks, I will try them.

  • Check out American Lung Association website: Team Inspire ( Really helpful information.

  • Before you try medical intervention, try this: Cut out all dairy from your diet. Milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, etc cause congestion. Also, use a Breathe Right strip on your nose. These two things may be all you need.

  • I used the Breath Right Strips. They worked the first few times, then began not to work. But, I'll find something that works,soon.

  • I use mucinex and that helps also I use cool mist humidifier

  • With different kinds of Mucinex available, have you found that one mixture works better for you than the other?

  • I use Neilmed sinus rinse sold over the counter which really helps my breathing. Also I use Fluticasone propionate two squirts at bed time When necessary which also allows me to sleep well when congested........Jim

  • Neilmed is new to me. And, the Fluticasone Propionate is prescribed for me for in the mornings. Perhaps, it will work better by using it before bedtime. Thanks.

  • I am surprised how Neilmed improves my congestion and my breathing all be a temporary. It's an easy process to do and is not expensive at all.

  • It sounds worth a try. Thanks, Jim!

  • I take mucinex cough syrup every night it ha cough congestion and loosens mucus works for me and I use a nibilizer at that time also I sleep good

  • Stop using a humidifier! Humid air is dense and makes it hard for people with copd to breathe.