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Pulmonary Aspiration and COPD

Good morning everyone I have written this post already and sent it but haven't got a clue where too!!! Mum had a CT scan on the 7th August and an appointment with her respiritory consultant on the 17th August who basically said her thought her COPD was at another stage now. My Mum choked at the end of May and with considerable effort managed to cough up the food. her health has got gradually worse since then and caused her so much distress at having no exertion and bad breathing that she was put on anti d, and diazepam. She got a call from the respiritorys sec yesterday 12th Sep asking her to come again on Thursday as there is evidence of food partials in the lung. Can any one tell me what treatment she may get to help. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated X

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Try and get her off the valum it's not good for her it slows the breathing , she should see a polumary Dr. COPD is and umbra term and covers many lung diseases , she should be on oxygen , and be tested for other things a bro scope will help deter men her stage , a ct scan and X Ray help also , there are not many drugs that may help but a lot to chose from , there is no cure for COPD at this time , and it is progressive , so we just have to be very careful do not go to gatherings where there may be sick people , wash your hands all the time , watch out for shopping carts , u have to really think before u act now , eat right , and small potions , several times a day , there are many things u can do if u are early stages now is the time don't wait , main thing try to stay healthy a small cold can hurt u ,

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