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Pulmonary Aspiration

Good morning every one. Mum had a CT scan 6 weeks ago and has been asked to revisit her respirotary consultant as he says she has food particles in her lungs. This last 8 weeks everyone's put her increased frailty and breathlessness down to a decline in her COPD. Mum choked on a bit of meat the last week in May and with considerable effort thought she'd managed to cough it up and has maintained she's been on the decline since! Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like there's still a bit of whatever it was lodged in her airways. It may only be this that's causing her distress, not a decline in her COPD, and once removed she could recover.

Hopefully her respiatory consultant will know the best course of action to take. Best of luck. xx


Thankyou for your reply and yes let's hope X I believe she has ingested food in her lungs. Let's hope as a bit desperate for mum at the moment as she clings on to a bit of hope. Take care


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