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Anyone using an oxygen concentrator for exercise?


I just recently got a portable oxygen concentrator for use when I exercise, but it turns out the device has an alarm that goes off if it detects more than 35 breaths in a minute. That's obviously a problem as the whole point of getting on the treadmill is to get some heavy breathing in (with the oxygen to prevent my blood sats from dropping too low). After a few minutes this damn thing starts beeping on my back and it's quite annoying. I contacted the manufacturer and they tell me there's no way to disable the alarm. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Any better options out there? Thanks in advance. --Bob

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Hi Bob: I have a concentrator but I have only used it for when I go for my walks as that is all I can do right now. Do you have Pulse or Continuous Flow? I currently have an Inogen One G3 but changing to a G2 as it is high continuous flow, doctors orders, haven't been told about any alarms. If you can change it to a company that doesn't have alarms I would do that. Sorry I can't be of more help but I will be asking my company about this.

Msp1 in reply to LORBIC

Does the G2 have pulse setting higher than setting 4?

LORBIC in reply to Msp1

I have been told that the Inogen one G 2 portable concentrator goes up to 6 liters. It is pulse unit.

Kay15143 in reply to LORBIC

It does go to 6 only pulse though. I have one traded my 3 in

Use your in home continuous flow concentrator for exercise on treadmill not portable its works for me.

What concentrator do you have that goes on your back? My Inogen One G3 has the ability to turn off alarms

I've got an Easy Pulse POC from Precision Medical. I'm told it's the only one my insurance will pay for but I need to look into that. I see the Inogen One G3 on the web and it looks a little pricier but if it doesn't have that annoying alarm that's a big plus for exercising. I also have a home continuous flow concentrator but that thing's as big and bulky as a suitcase on wheels. Not really practical for bringing to the gym. <sigh> As if breathing wasn't hard enough already! Appreciate all the feedback! Looks like I've got some homework to do!

Msp1 in reply to rduffy

Just looked up your portable concentrator and can tell you the battery lasts much longer with the INOGEN. I can finish a round of golf on 3 liters, however I only use it in cart in between shots. It comes with shoulder bag and you have to purchase backpack - $100. Checked & my DME company won't provide it. And yeah, home-based concentrator us only good for inhouse exercising. Even smaller ones on wheels don't work the well for even walking a track outside home. Good luck

Joaniemdc in reply to Msp1

You all are opening my eyes to all sorts of equipment I didn't even know existed. I have a smaller concentrator when I'm out and has intermittent flow .I generally keep it on 2 liters.and picked up my back pack for less than a dollar at a Hospice Thrift fact I have an extra one.Hope this helps You

I exercise with a home concentrator but Will use my nasal cannula only when I m extremely short of breath.Must be something new I've never seen one like yours

I'm starting to use my portable concentrator around the house whenever I'm doing anything strenuous. Unfortunately my definition of "strenuous" has gotten a lot broader over the past few years. Making the damn bed, drying myself off after a shower, things I used to take for granted, now I'm huffing and puffing like I've just run an Olympic event! It sucks but what can I do? Gotta just keep living. Fortunately my two favorite pastimes, piano and writing, are nice, sedentary activities. (Although I gotta say I might be using oxygen soon to play Beethoven. He did not write wimpy music.)

I brought my big, suitcase-sized concentrator to work, where it fits unobtrusively under my desk. Don't need it too often but every once in awhile I'll have a bad day and it helps to have a little snort of O2. I'm fortunate to have my own office so I can close the door when I do. The portable unit I'm still using to exercise, but I think I'm going to be able to get my doctor to write me a prescription for a nice, quiet two-hour oxygen tank so I can go to the gym again without that damn alarm beeping all the time. I call enough attention to myself with that damn cannula. Don't need that alarm going off too!


I just got the'ok' to qualify for a concentrator as I need it to continue activities outside and my lifestyle which is remote Alaska. Inogen said my Medicare would not cover the inogen one,,the little one. Anyone know of a machine small like this not so expensive?

Thanks !! Living the dream

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