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HELP w/ oxygen delivery options


I am freaking out....My oxygen distributor is having a hard time keeping up w/ the demand. I normally use C size cannisters but have not been able to get them for two weeks. so i went to D size and now they dont' have those. Telling me my only option is E size which are very bulky and heavy and hard to lug around. Please if anyone has information on a POC that will put out 5 ltp CF that will not break my back lugging it around i would love to hear about it. I ordered one years ago for five grand and it did not put out enough for my requirements without setting off an alarm. The company then charged me over 600 dollars restock fee as they kept telling me it would adjust to my breathing , thus putting me over the ten day trial period. I brought this up w/ the BBB and told me too bad, buyer beware. I'm at my wits end. Live in a small town on the oregon coast where it looks like they are getting more business than they can handle.

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Call your insurance co. see if there is another distribution in your area, check out they have links to portable o2


I agree with finding a portable unit that works on batteries. Some are light weight and some use a cart, but better than running out. Check with your insurance company and then have your Dr. write an order. It takes about 4 weeks, but well worth not dealing with tanks anymore. We keep a tank in case of emergency power outage or something, but use battery powered units the rest of the time.

Do you have insurance ? You should let your doctor know that you are having issues with this company. Maybe your doctor can set you up with a different company.

The fact that you have tanks makes me guess that you have to have continuous oxygen. If I'm right then the portable will not work as they are pulse only. I have the portable and the doctor has changed me to full time oxygen which I can't start until Jan. 2017 because of Medicare. You must let your doctor know what is going on, I know at my doctors they have RT's that handle these kinds of problems.


While there are no portable concentrators that deliver constant, I am very pleased with my INOGEN unit, and their newest model is under 4 pounds. But RESPIRONICS has what I call a "almost portable" that delivers constant. Try both websites ... just their name and ".com> will get you there. Medicare and most insurance cover rentals of these units, but will NOT purchase.

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Inogen I purchased and Medicare complete reinverse me on mine I love it it goes up to 5 and weights 4 lbs but I got my money back from ins.

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Best thing going is liquid oxygen I have and Inogen g2 older one but it's almost new won't work for me I need 6 lpm and I use a concintrator when home full time and liquid when I go out which tanks just don't last at that lpm more then a half hour I need to take like serveral so reading I found out about liquid one thing about this disease read as much as u can there are things out there people have never heard of the only problem with Inogen is this is a progressive disease and it will get worst people have to realize that if your insurance co pays for it u may not get a rental latter on because I choose to buy one so check I was told that once ,

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My Medicare ins and supplement united health is reinversing me on mine yahoooo I have a Inogen great machine it's a five pulse I love it

Hello I have one it goes to 5 it's a pulse and has 2 battery's with it I ralther have pulse because it only gives u the air when you breath and they last longer it weights about as much as a 4 lb bag of sugar I'm 60 years old and I carry mine and I love it it's a Inogen and they also have them as high as a 6 a little more heavier but my hubby loves his and u can carry or get a pulley cart mine 2 battery's on no four setting last about 7 1/2 hours on 5 it last about 6 to 6 1/2 hours they are great it took 3 kinds but this Inogen they are great my Medicare and aarp healthcare paid for it I bought it and sent in the receipt got my money back from them less co pay great deal give them a call

U may show 5 as a setting but it's not five lpm's I have done my home work and there is no way and remember that oxygen is not pure as liquid it's about 93 % oxygen compared to liquid which is 99.99 % check it out it got me in trouble by giving me less then pursribed dosage of oxygen it put me in the hospital for three months and made my condistion worst then ever , now on 6 lpm , so be careful

so true....that's why i got burned on the purchase...they said 5 lpm...but it could not cover my requirements.....set off alarms. i'm 2 to 5 or6 depending on exertion....gonna rent different ones until i can find one that works for me if i can find one...i really need to be able to backpack it due to ostioporsis and and balance issures....thank you all for your help....and yes mustangman I can see the time when i may require much more oxygen and will need liquid. Just hope it's available when that happens. I heard of a guy needs 15 lpm..i just can not imagane......i spend as much time deep breething as i do walking...god bless us all .....

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I have an Inogen g2. It weighs 5 or 6 lbs. seems to be heavy at times but it does real well for me. It goes 1-6L. When I walk etc. I need 6. I love the machine and I bought it used for only 1500.00 which is half of a new one. When in the car i plug it in and it will still have a full battery when arriving at my destination. I found that eating healthier, and exercising as well as you are able seems to work the best at keeping the disease in check. God Bless you also I know He has good plans for us all. I try to divert my attention to something other than the disease. it's surprising how much better you l feel. Think happy thoughts not sad and Turn any negative into a positive thought.


Do they carry liquid oxygen? Do you have a two wheeler for your e tank? I sure hope you aren't carrying that thing around.It is hard to find portables that go to 5 but they are out there. Hope you can get this straightened out soon.

Invacare is another manufacturer of portable concentrator that delivers pulse or continuous

Check online company INOGEN as they have several options. There are some portable concentrators that go up to 5liters as a pulse delivery, not continuous flow, transported like a small suitcase on wheels - not sure of manufacturer. Why isn't your DME company providing you options to improve your mobility? You shouldn't have to lug around tanks - they're awful! I had to continue complaining, talking to respiratory manager etc before they finally provided me with a portable concentrator that delivers 4l with a longer lasting battery carried by a shoulder bag- all totaled about 8 lbs. your insurance company could be helpful too. Best wishes

I have a portable pulse called the "mini" ..on # 2 it lasts for 9 hours and is FAA approved. I went to target store and bought a $25 back pack and wife's friend put breathable webbing near bottom and it works great. Weighs 10 lbs . But sure beats a shoulder strap.

I am with you there....a backpack is the only way to carry it for me....keeps me standing up staight and balanced.......

I use liquid oxygen but not full time just use for travel and, it nice and convenant comes once a month , with 40 liters I fill these small vessels they are good for about three hours apiece im on 6 lpm all the time I use a concentrator at home most of the time unless I have to go out , I had to get liquid because tanks just wouldn't last more then a half hour so to go to Dr. I would have to take several u can always get your own tanks and rent a refiller it go on top of a concentrator u can get two concentrator from your supplier because it won't fill at that lpm your on they have to find a solution call your insurance co . If it's Medicare they have a hot line for complains also u may get a conserving device that go's on the tanks and give u more time it's sort of like a purge but only works when u breathe in and shuts off went u exhale whatever just don't let them mess with u they have to supply u with what u need , good luck

yep...i have a conserving device on my cannisters and it's great! saves alot of oxygen........only thing have to have CF at night w/ BPAP machine

I have on and love it it's about the size of a 4 lb bag sugar it has a 5 setting and it's great it a Inogen they also have a light one u pull that has a 6 above the one I have it's actually on sale check it out I love it it comes with 2 batteries total 9 hours pending on your setting

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