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Hi everybody I am new here. I am 47 years old. I was diagnosed with COPD, 1 year ago in June. I do not know what level I am at. (my doctor did not say there was levels of this illness) my cat scan showed several right-sided calcified lymph nodes. There is some

minor vascular calcification. On lung windows, there are some wispy peripheral densities having the appearance of minor scarring or atelectasis. also Several tiny calcified right paratracheal lymph nodes compatible with prior

granulomatous change. Every couple months I am getting Bronchitits, and breathing is getting very difficult at times. Can anybody give me any ideas to help manage my illness better ? I currently take Symbicort 2 puffs twice a Day. I am learning many new things on this site about my illness. Thank You for sharing your stories.

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Hello I would talk with my Dr. About oxygen even if u don't need it all the time using while your sleeping will help don't worry about dependence your going to be on it soon anyways the way it sounds , it will slow COPD down also try purge lip breathing search it , it works at times when u feel low on ox , get a oxygen meter they sell them at drug stores keep and eye on it , unfortunitly there is no cure for this diease it slowly gets worst getting help early will help , getting on a nebulizer with meds it sucks to be sick , I'm somewhere in the late stages it doesn't mean your die'ing the stages mean there is nothing they can do for you medically like stage four , beside lung transplant , well hope that helps good luck hope u feel better


Hi dawncatrett, my doctor doesn't treat by stages either, in fact he has never said anything to me about stages. In some ways you sound like me, I don't understand why you aren't on a rescue inhaler, like Xopenex or Combivent respimat, this would help open you up before using the Symbicort allowing the Symbicort to go into the lungs deeper. Make sure you keep exercising as much as you can, even if it's just a small walk, drinks lots of water and don't get over tired. I have gone to eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones and this seems to be helping the breathing. Have your doctor do the walk test to see if you can get oxygen at least for night time. Keep us posted on how your doing.


I use a facial sauna to help me breath easily and it clears my air ways. If not a bowl of steaming water with a towel over your head. Becare with boiling water. Hope this helps. I am in the process of being diagnosed , stopped smoking and feeling awful but it has to be worth it if it slows this awful thing down.


Hi Dawn I have copd on cymbicort,venolin,incrust and oxygen 24/7 have portable oxygen when going out.I had copd for 5 years been on oxygen for three years.I do go out I attend church.I do not go grocery shopping I cant walk to long with out sitting down.My daughters and grands help me out a lot I do small tasks in my apartment when I get tied I stop and rest then get back to it.I am at a slower pace in life.You will get used to it .Keep the faith.Yes I have good and bad days.Bas days I do nothing but pamper self lol.Keep me inform how you are doing.God bless and breathe


Dawn another thing I tell my not tell me what stage I am in it would worry me .In five years I dont know what stage I am in.I know people have been at stsge four for 15 years some more still living not bed bound.We are not leaving here til God say so not end stage or doctors.I do know doctors do not know how we feel.I had to tell my doctor to give me the six minute walk test for ocygen he did and I needed oxygen and he put me on it Breathe easy my friend.


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