Stage ll Copd?

According to my symptoms and what I read etc. I would say I am in stage two. When first diagnosed about 3 years ago I had no symptoms except chronic bronchitis and running out of breath at times. Now I have wheezing and other noise when sitting, mostly on exhaling. I have mucus in my lungs which I cannot get out. I use an Accapela breathing thing, it does a little bit of good. I hate when I get to coughing and can't stop. I have gone in to my PCP, a lung doctor and even Urgent care and no one has really helped. I even tried Muscinex and that did nothing.

Anyone have any similar problems??

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  • For me when I'm wheezing and making other noise it means I'm in a flare up and need to get on antibotic quickly. It also can mean that you have fluid build in there. Watch your ankles and legs for swelling. It take Muscinex 1200mg twice a day and it helps to keep the muscinex thinned out. What inhalers are you on? Make sure you are thinking lots of water and exercise as much as you can, tis is what keeps the lungs strong. If your pulmonary doctor isn't doing anything for you then you need to find a new one. Try taking a teaspoon of raw honey daily or put it in a cup of green tea.

    As for the stage, my pulmonary doctor doesn't treat by stages, he just say's either I'm going good or I'm bad. I like that way better, one less thing for me to worry about.


  • I like what you said my pulmonary dr.dont go by stages either he nust treat the disease.I like it like that also.Take care God bless and breathe easy.

  • I don't because mucinex works for me but I also use a nebulizer in conjunction with it. You could also try inhaling a hot water treatment. I use to have the coughing issue too until I started to get rid of the mucus

  • Used mucinex but actuall Tylenol cold pills help me to get the mucus out better and it also has mucinex in it but it helps to clear all out even with out a cold and cheaper

  • which cold pills do you get, I would like to try them. Thank you for your response.

  • I buy the Tylenol cold and I also faithfully take AIRBOURNE all year in cold months I take 2 a day and spring thru early fall I take one a day I youst to be in the hospital. At lest 2 times a year due to copd but a nurse told me about AIRBOURNE and I asked my doctor they said great for the immune system I haven't been back in the hospital for 3 1/2 years I like them I buy at cost co and SAMs thee large bottles

  • How much do it cost.Its not perscribe my doctor?

  • I buy a large bottle last several months at Costco or SAMs 15.00 about 16 large bottle at Walmart ask Doctor their great my doctors approved no erscription needed in cold section of store

  • @BasM same for me.

  • Have you been tested for Alpha-1 anti-trypsin disorder?

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