I am Madonna

I am Madonna

Hello, I'm new here. Love meeting new people, I have COPD, use two inhalers, airpro and on oxygen at night, during the day whenever needed. I am a widow, for many years now, have 5 children, 17 grandkids and 16 great grandkids. I try to keep active as much as possible. Love going to my grandsons baseball games, he's the catcher and very good at it. COPD surely changes one's life. Wondering how others deal with pain in rib area, does anyone have IBS? If so, what do you do for that.?

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  • Good Morning Madonna ! Its good to meet U ..I have 3 girls 7 grands & 3 greats 1 on the way ! We are blessed ! all my grands are grown & gone on their way I luved going to basketball games always so exciting ! I am now into quilting & luv it ..its my safe place ! Do U have hobbies ? I am also an avid reader ..I have to be inside almost all the time now as summer here is much to hot to be out ..dangit !

    Stop by any time

    Luv & Light

  • Good morning to you doodlez. Nice to meet you as well. Thank you for answering me. Sounds like you live a pretty active life, I know several that do quilting, that is such a beautiful thing to do and how nice you have a safe place. We all need that no matter what our problem is. I love to play cards, read, do all kinds of crossword puzzles, exercise, travel when I can [ going to Denver this weekend with daughter and grandson]. Hope I do ok, altitude is a bit higher than what I'm used to. Also waste a lot of time on ipad or computer. And of course, ballgames. Used to like doing yard work but find it hard to do much these days. What I do has to be in mornings as gets to hot for me. Have a good week end and keep in touch when you can.

  • My yard work is limited too ..so i bought a small step stoolthat I can sit on it really helps I also have flowers in pots so not much bending....I turn my 02 up one # while at higher altitudes it sure helps ..call & ask your dr !!& above all have too much funz !,,no not too active just try to stay busy I too spend time on 'puter !! & I luv meeting new ppl !

  • hi my name is ken smith I have the same problem hope u have qa good day like t5o have u on my team if I may thanks

  • Hi, I am also from the usa. I have recently been diagnosed with moderate emphysema & am still quite anxious. It sounds like you have an active lifestyle which is encouraging to me ( I am 61). hope this finds you doing ok, take care. and write back if you would like to. Gayle

  • Hello, I am on here as my partner had COPD, nice to see you.

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