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Hi I'm Moyz, just had c.o.p.d.confirmed,a bit annoyed with myself,smoking all those years!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I guess it's the price I have to pay ,trying like mad to overall my diet ,and I gave up smoking finally 24days ago,after may be eight or nine attempts in my life time,better late than never ,as they say.So here I am a bit confused ,I wondered if anyone has a high platelet count they say it might be the c.o.p.d causing it ,the blood getting thicker to help supply oxygen to the lungs,or the other thing my doctor said was its my bone marrow gone bonkers for some reason.having to wait another three weeks to see the blood specialist. Note to self keep busy keep ,keep positive! Can anyone shed any light on the subject thanks moyz

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Sorry, can't help with the blood but am intrigued by the title of your post?


So am I !!!! Don't understand how that got their,but I am a silver surfer 70years old yesterday . I admit that this machine baffles me but I'll keep practising.hope you have a nice day moyz

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:D It took me a while to master it (a bit). You will get there. :)


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