Do you ever get do depressed

Do you get so depressed when you have such a bad episode at night and it last most of the day and all you want to do is cry and I know it does not help when I get like this way and don't know what to do it get bad when every doctor you talk to says there no more they can do for you I have another appointment but this one is 500 miles away I hope I can make it there without a problem wish me luck I have the appointment after thanksgiving it seems every doctor gets farther and farther away

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  • I wish you all the luck in the world. Truly. Sadly, I think most people with advanced Copd, me included, can get very depressed at times. It so easy to do. Try to keep your mind active & diverted from sad thoughts, easy to say I know. Radio, read, write or even just talking helps to keep you occupied & not totally focused on your ailment. I wish you all the best..

  • Hi Mr W my problem is I am mostly house bound and that makes thing hard I try watching Tv playing games on my computer and calling some of my old friends but some days you just run out of thing to do or every thing just gets to boring and all you can think about is is how you feel or you wake up in the middle of the night and cant breath I not sure how to deal some times but I do get threw it but you wonder how thanks for your reply you were helpful you have a good week end

  • A friend of mine is home bound. Shes been eating maijuana oil. She says it makes her breathing better. I have copd. Was diagnosed in 2009 with chrinic bronchudis. Mild copd. I dont think ive ever had a flare up. What is a flare up? I understand why you get so bored. It would be hard to be home bound. Thats why ive slowed down alot on smoking. The ecigs helped me cut down alot. I think i can quit by using it. Its got to be hard to be on oxygen. And in a wheel chair. You take care.

  • yes its been hard to be in my house day after day I heard about marijuana oil but I live in a area where I can not get a marijuana card and my doctor said when I take my tests and it show any marijuana in my system he would stop my pain medicine that I need for my leg

    a flare up for me is when I start out having trouble breathing and then even a treatment wont help most of the time I end up in the hospital when that happens

    I smokes all my life I quit to late an this how I ended up I tried cutting down but found it did not he,lp I ended up stopping cold turkey I hope you can quit before its to late for you to

    well you take care of yourself and have a good week

  • Pegstag hi my doctor want to take me of diazepam 10mg I am trying and I getting know sleep do you know of online who sale drugs as I need some and my dream won't give to me he doesn't know what I am going through hope you can help or you know someone who can help me thanks

    JASMINE -1

  • I dont remember the name of it. But theres a vitamin that helps you sleep. Melatonin i believe.

  • The for breathing theophillin says not to use it.ans i have bone disease and my nrearhing meds make bone disease worse.but i go on.i look at me and dont know who iam awollen moon face no make up no hair do.thats my goal to bring part of me back.

  • Melantonin helps me sleep

  • Iam too.ive took up painting anything i can fet my hands on.

  • Hi Corkie65; Thank you for sending me the information on the oxygen tanks sizes and how long they last. That was just what I was looking for.

    Depression goes with copd. the doctor needs to treat this also. It only makes your flare ups worst. I am being told that I need to get out and socialize more to help with my depression. Like going back to church, joining the senior center and a few other things. I'm thinking about it.

    I wish you nothing but the best and hope you can make that long trip. Think nothing but positive thoughts and you will do okay. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Hi Lorbic sometimes I think when you get up in age doctors just think its your time and really don't want to treat you same thing when I talk to that pulmonologist other day we talk lung transplant but he said I was a little to old and a little to sick and you don't qualify I don't get it doctors are suppose to be there to save a life

    when I go out I have to figure out how many bottles you have to take with you I usually take the D bottles and I use the E in the car only because there to big and they don't fit my wheel chair very well and they last longer for traveling when I get to where I am going I switch to the smaller bottles Hope this helps

    and thanks you for your support and listen to my ranting

    have A nice week end

  • I have copd and wa diagnosed in 2009 with it. Chronic brochidis. Ive never had a flare up. What is a flare up?

  • A flare up is when your breathing becomes worst and you need antibotics or some doctors use steriod and antibotic together. You become more short of breath, product more mucus, congested, your lungs ache and so forth

  • Yes. I understand how you feel. I do the same thing. My family is drifting away from me as if I am already gone.

  • it get so difficult when you find you have no one to talk to my friend call once in a while they use to come over all the time but not any more my family stops by buy they don't stay long either some times I think people think maybe its catchy or something I think if they understood better maybe thing would be different and this only gives you more time to think about how sick your getting that what make me more depressed but its nice when the people on a site like this is so helpful and they all understanding so if you keep in touch with people even on line I think it would help you I hope you have a good week end and you take care of your self

  • after ten years of doctors and pulmonary rehab and them telling me there is nothing they can do for me I have finally accepted the verdict. The best thing once you get your meds. and oxygen in order is to be proactive for yourself. Eat right, EXERCISE, you have to keep moving and get that oxygen throughout your system. Move that stale air out and breathe. Some days will be worse than others. somedays you may even feel good . go with it. try and maintain a positive attitide, Stay away from sick people and kids so you don't get sick. keep working it and enjoy what life you have left to live. and for your sake stay away from perfumes, chemicals, smoke, whatever exersabates your condition. good luck

  • I use to exercise all the time until I lost my leg and broke my hip now I am confine to a wheel chair and when I has surgery they moved me in a way that my back was pulled out of place they gave me so many steroid for my copd that put on 45 lbs I keep trying to take the weight off I think it would help my breathing but the doctor said it would not be good for me to push my self I use a lot of stuff to help with my breathing and I use soup cans to exercise with but thanks some of the thing you told me I can use you have a good week end

  • Its hard to stay away from kids when you have 8 grandkids i know when i get a cold its harder on me then when it used to be. A friend of mine is homebound on oxygen. She scares me. Her face gets white and her eyes get huge when she trys to walk only into the doctors office. Or even to go to the bathroom. But she needs people around her. And she smokes so many cigs its unreal. Since im truely trying to quit its hard to go to her place that smells like smoke. But ill continue going there and helping her out. Good luck!

  • Nothing against kids, I used to be one. LOL. From a horrific car wreck when i was a kid I lost my spleen, thus causing me to have the immune system of a six yo. What gives most people a cold for a c couple of days has made me bedridden for two months. The docs always told me to stay away from old people and kids..well, i know that's hard to do. I have imminity but no resistance. That's nice you are helping your friend. All I can say about that is I was grey when I got sick and was oxgen to the extremities. Every one has a choice. Depends what quality of life you or your friend wants. Good luck to you both.

  • I get depressed a lot but cant cry it takes to much out of me.

  • I know what you mean I keep telling myself don't cry I find when I do I need a neb treatment because I can not breath I talk to myself it sounds crazy but it helps me to stop the crying I get so exhausted but I can lay down to sleep maybe when you get like that is there a friend you could call or someone that you could talk to that could help you out of it sometimes that's what it takes I like being on line the people are great but if you feel depressed and want to write me you can maybe it will help me also you try and have a good week

  • I can say I truly now how you feel. depression is something I have come to live with. and I hate even saying that. but you are right doc's always say there's nothing else they can do. I so wish you luck on you 500 mile journey. remember god is with u!!!!

  • thank you they haven't set the day yet but I hope they hurry before we get to cold and we get snow then I wont be able to go till spring thank you for your reply

  • I hear you and while it doesn't seem as though I'm as advanced as you (we all will get there though) I have a young son and that can plague my thoughts as to "have I taught him enough" or "I wish I could still keep up." That said, I smoked a long time and now I am living the choices I made. And all I can tell you is what I do. And that is, I won't live in regret or feel sorry for myself. I will live forward and make the most and do the most I can everyday.

    Go to those Dr appointments. Yeah, it's 500 miles but how far will you go to live and to be there with the ones you love.

    Take care


  • I Know for you it will be hard you have a young child it also sounds like you are young yourself yes I regret the idea that I smoked I am 70 and back when I was young smoking was cool back then even the doctors smoked so that kind of says even they didn't know either yes I will be making the trip my son is going to take me

    just by what you have said your son is in good hands and you have taught him well you keep up being positive and I will keep trying to thank you

  • casodex caused me to become severely depressed

  • what kind of medicine is that I never heard of it

  • Good luck at the doctors. I used to be really depressed. I was diagnosed with heart failure and copd at the same time. And i only had 15% of my heart left. So i could only walk a couple steps and stop for a breath. I was only 45 at the time. So i pushed myself and my heart got up to 50%. And since i didnt quit smoking now i can feel the breathing problem a bit. But im down to 6 cigs a day or so. From a 2 pack a day habit. Your on oxygen then right? If ive had episodes their so small i dont notice them. Sometimes im more conjested. Or at night after i get in my bed and move my pitbulls out of the way sometimes i get short of breath. Ive never had to get antibiotics. I dont even see a lung doctor. Maybe i should. I have 2 heart doctors i have to see.c it us scarey though. Good luck again.

  • you say you get out of breath sometimes that usually a sign you sound like you are doing ok for now but you still young I am 70 and wish I had thought about seeing a doctor for my lungs when I was young I wish you all the luck in the world and I know its hard to quite believe me it seen like it took for ever good luck and have a good week

  • I sure fot depressed especially when told i would have heaet atraxhnor stroke any day.ive finally come to.grips this is real and take one day at time because no two days are alike.i to.walk more than few feet withojt resting mostnof time but so have days i can do more and thankful.ive made my peace with god and tried to family members who want to forgive ans be forgiven.ive made my living will no cpr not only becauae i have copd but other muscle and bone disease.days the sun shines i look fir little things to be happy so.many things ii use to.miss as a blessing. Thinking tjat all things are a paet of life helps and beinf thankful for tje day im in not looking to far ahead.bleas you dear and look for support here for one. Ive learned alot.

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