Do These Symptons Sound Familiar?

I was diagnosed over a year ago with COPD! I now use 2 Inhalers and Oxygen at night! It has been in the 90s where I live and I have been absolutely miserable! I try to stay in as much as possible, but when I do go out, I am breathless in no time! The air is on in our home but I can't seem to get cool! Sound familiar? Also, I have noticed lately that I have been so very, very tired! So much more than usual! And lastly, I have been having pain and discomfort in my rib area, both sides! It seems when I eat or drink anything, there just isn't anywhere for it to go! Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else? Thanks for any comments!

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  • Sounds just like hosptial now been in icu for 4 days waiting fot rehab going to for 21 days to try n get some strength back

  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope they get you some relief soon! What other type of issues are you having?

  • I also have constant rib pain, mostly on the left side of my chest after I eat. Sometimes it hurts too much to sleep comfortably. And that is while on pain medication. I have many, many other health issues and also chronic pain that I deal with. So, I don't know how much of this is related to my lungs or other issues like the two lesions on my liver, or my gallstones. It's hard to say, but they say that when your lungs are hyper inflated, your stomach can feel full on even just small amounts of food. I hope you're feeling better today. Hang in there!

  • Yes! I live in southern Texas and it is humid and hot. I feel like the air is pushing down on my chest. I cannot breathe. I have to walk through the parking garage with smoke and pollution to get to my car and into work. I dare anyone to try and breathe.

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