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Terrified that i have colon/bowel cancer

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First of all sorry about my english im from Greece 31 years old also coudnt find any realted forum like these to talk about

My father Died from colon cancer stage 4 in march 2012 i lost him in 10 days coudnt belive it after that i started to have some really anxiety isue with evrething cause not only my father died but in 8 years i had 2 uncles(lung) one cousin (brain) that died and now i have another uncle fighting with leukemia and one other cousin with womb cancer

my symptos started 2 months ago when i had pain in my left side was going to the doc and he said i had IBS and give me some treatment didnt work so much cause all of my aniety isue i presed him for a ct abdomen scan with contrast he ended give it to me all WAS CLEAR exept my bowel that was wall thickening multiple doc said to me not to worry about it

2 days ago i saw some tiny blood spot in my poo everyone said to me again not to worry but this time i press for a Colonoscopy and woudnt accept a NO

they did it yesrerday and FOUND 9 polyps... 6 in Tranverse colon (0.7 cm to 1,2) and 3 in sigmoid colon (0,8cm to 1cm)SO not 1 or 2 BUT 9 how can it be possible? im only 31 my mother do colonoscopy and found like 2-3 max and i have 9?? THEY REMOVE them all and i waiting for a biopsy doc said not to worry and they look benign but im so scary

again sorry for the long post but wanted to say it somewhere as friends and family saying that i dont need to worry about and act wierd

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So sorry to hear that you have had so much anxiety. It is natural, but you must wait for the biopsy results.Try and go out walking in a beautiful area, it helps with anxiety.

Hopefully, as you have been very strong with the doctors by insisting they investigate, you will find they are benign or caught early.

Sending you my best wishes.

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hi thank you im trying to go out with friends watching netflix and do other stuff,my doc was also happy that i came now and not til my 45 or 50 or else i we woud had a complet diferent convesation

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Gemma239 in reply to Vasileios31

I had my colonoscopy today. Took biopsies of a few polyps, but surgeon said it looks okay. Two weeks of hell waiting and now feel so relieved. I have colitis, maybe you are similar? Stress makes things much worse. Stay strong xx

Hello man. First of all i am greek as well so you can adress me in PM in our language. Been suffering with on and off, short and long term diarrhea, bloating, cramps, pain in left side and everything you can imagine in belly area. I even had blood in stool from time to time, its not uncommon so catch your breath before having some results back. Had a colonoscopy when i was bloated like a pregnant woman in 2013 and it came back crystal clear, so IBS was the obvious conclusion. I am pretty sure you are gonna be fine, but you need to sort that stress out. Even in pathological situations, stress plays a major role. So first try ruling that out ;) When are you waiting for results?

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hi,yes i have ibs to but still didnt feel rightr thats why i did the colonoscopy and im glad that i did it,its just realy streange that we found 9 at my age but i read other sotries that some peole got like 10-25 soo only biopsy will tell us i need to wait

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Novak23 in reply to Vasileios31

Give it a go for one month, do something for yourself, go to the nature 100% and eat healthy. The forum is here, kali tuxi!

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Do you still bleed sometimes during pooping?

Was bleeding for 2 weeeks after my colonoscopy first days was medium bleeding after it was tiny spots of blood after i was fine

Then u do not have to be afraid because you don’t bleed anymore

I went through the same . It is worrying but you are young I was 50 and it also runs in my family. I think at your age it’s unlikely you have cancer. But even if you have it, it’s curable. I had an operation and they removed the cancer and I didn’t even need chemo, so remember if you have it which is unlikely if caught early it can be cured.and also most polops take years to turn cancerous so I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. God bless, I will pray for you

hi, yes doc say im young and dont need to worry cause from what he saw its benign for him or pre cancer only biopsy will tell us and its also run on my family i caught it early if i was waiting more maybe those polyps woud turn into cancer thank you so much i wil keep this post updated when im geting these result

Oh so sorry and yes you are ok to be worried. People want you to feel optimistic so sometimes it comes across as not taking it seriously.... please know people just don’t know how to act so they try to say cheery things which sometimes is not helpful.

Our doctor told us all colon cancer starts as non-cancerous polyps so if you find and remove them fast enough you can stay on top of it. Good of you to press for tests. If you end up having cancer, know that colon cancer when found early has an excellent prognosis. Your poor Dad already at stage 4 when they found it. But you are getting tested early.

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yeah my dad had a 15 cm mass in hes colon and all hes liver was covered with lession doc say months but he died in 10 days

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also my father was afraid of doc never daid anything when he passed only blood for months instead of stool it was only Blood nothing else

i just go my Biopsy result all Polyps are good most benign and 2 pre cancer my doctor said i was very lucky to came earlier and check it if i had wait 2-3 more years it woud be another discussion So glad that i pushed for more tests thanks all for your support and hell it helped me a lot

I am so glad to hear this. It is good that you pushed for testing. Best Wishes to you.

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