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Blood in stool

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Sorry i dont know how to right properly. I was bleeding every time i pooped went and got a colonoscopy done and evything came fine no problems no cancer. But its been a few month and now im havijg the same thing but more blood then what i remember. O jist domt know what to do.

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Im currently the Same , I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy all clear but a few small hemorrhoids but I feel like I'm bleeding more then I was before aswel as clotts from the back aswelI'm off to see my doctor tomorrow for some more answers.. will keep you updated

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Jezsika

Jezsika - Congratulations on having a clean colonoscopy and endoscopy, but sorry to hear you are still having rectal bleeding.

Glad to hear you are going back to the doctor. A good question to ask your gastroenterologist is if there is a specialist you should see regarding the hemorrhoids (if that is what the source of the bleeding is.) There are several types of procedures that a colorectal surgeon can do to resolve the hemorrhoids, and that may be worth looking into.

Have you checked out the IBS Network here on HealthUnlocked?

Might be a good resource for people who experience bowel issues but have been cleared of colorectal cancer.

~Nicole @ GCCA

Suggestion: avoid/reduce hemorrohoids, typically caused by constipation/straining.

Constipation issues? I'm not a fan of laxatives and find using a rectal syringe with up to a cup of warm water held for five minutes is extremely effective at coping with constipation. Constipation's often aggravated by anxiety, being able to deal with constipation effectively can greatly help reduce constipation frequency by also reducing your anxiety.

Discomfort from hemorrohoids? A drugstore inflatable rubber ring, makes sitting far more comfortable (and speeds their shrinking) -- adding a pillow case makes the accessory far less obvious.

~wbic, member coloncancerconnected forum

I was (some times still) having problems with blood. I finally listened to the Dr and changed my diet, and just trying to be more active and it's helped a lot. I still have times of blood, but nothing like the last 3 straight years. Yes, it can last years. Ask about your blood work. With time our bodies change to include what we eat. Ask your doctor if it's a dietary issue. Best of luck, and at least you know it's not cancer!

I have an appointment weds with a specialist and thursday with a regular doctor. But at this point i am scared and frustrated and the same time everytime i go to the bathroom i dont even have to poop. Blood jist comes out not a little but like a stream that i can literally here. Want to go to the er but scared they are just goimg to recommend me to a speacialest im already going to go to. I have to say i am a heavy drinker as well.

I also have been bleeding for almost two years now despite a negative colonoscopy and had a recent digital rectal exam which didn’t show any hemorrhoids or fissures, but it still could be internal hemorrhoids. It’s incredibly unsettling. I’m having a second colonoscopy this coming week (my second in 10 months) to get to the bottom of this.

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Miemie09 in reply to digar

Hello how are you?

Does your blood is in the outside of your stool?

See the same thing on my stool im gonna do a colonoscopy tomorrow my doctor says i have a 6.6 CEA when i do my blood test but hey said that can’t confirm cancer im a bit concerned because im just 22 years old male

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