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Hi all. Just wanted to update everyone that I finally had my dreaded colonoscopy yesterday. The good news is that no cancer found - phew ! But they found I have multiple diverticula which apparently half of the population over 50 do have due to a western diet. I would like now to also reassure anyone who is due to have a colonoscopy that really the actual procedure was not at all bad ! I was beside myself with nerves about how painful this might be and HONESTLY it really wasn’t. I was told that because i have had a caesarean that it might be more uncomfortable but apart from a few short moments where she had trouble turning a corner of my Colon it was really mild discomfort. Certainly if I ever have to have this done again I will not be worried. I guess the only real worry is that the results will be ok. Anyway just wanted to get this out there as I have found so much help and support from everyone sharing on this site. Angie x

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So glad to hear that the procedure wasn't too bad and that you have at least some answers (no cancer!)

Did they take biospies, are those the results you are waiting on?

Did the Dr. mention that the multiple diverticula could be the cause of the symptoms you were experiencing, or are these unrelated events?

I just did a quick google and this info from the National Institute of Health might be useful:

Please keep us posted when you get further results.

And glad to hear you are with the majority - the colonoscopy isn't that bad!

~Nicole @ GCCA

Hello Nicole. They said there was no need for biopsies but I have to contact my doctor for further discussion as to managing this in the future. The bleeding happens when the diverticula sac bursts so they said that was the likely cause of the bleeding. I only had bleeding for two days and haven’t had it since. May I ask what your situation is as you said previously you have had a number of colonoscopys ?

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Ellie12312345

Hi, so will you be getting a new specialist to manage your new diagnosis?

I think it is really important to have a doctor that specializes in your specific diagnosis - and while it may be uncomfortable to have that conversation with the doctor, you really want to see someone who has a lot of experience dealing with your specific diagnosis.

When you do see a specialist, I would ask them what you are supposed to do if you have bleeding again, how will you know if it is from the sacs bursting vs. something else happening?

Now that you have answers, has your anxiety decreased? I hope so! Regarding your question, I have IBS, which often gets diagnosed when they can't find any other reason for symptoms.

I found this organization that may have more info for you - when you scroll to the bottom of this page there is additional info in a PDF that you can download:

~Nicole @ GCCA

I’m very happy for you I guess the procedure varies with different people but as I said it isn’t painful just uncomfortable. Did you enjoy the prep drink god bless

bantam12 in reply to Wexford1968

It can be extremely painful for some people !

I’m certainly glad I had the sedation anyway. But yes the prep drink was actually in hindsight the worst part. It’s a shame they can’t make the taste better !

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Ellie12312345

There are some low volume prep options that are available, you usually have to ask your doctor for them. You still have to drink a lot of fluid, but at least it isn't that prep!

Thats great news! ♥️

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