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Returning bowel cancer


I am 52 and had bowel cancer 10 years ago had a bowel resection which removed the cancer, have had a few polyps removed over the 10 years had my last colonoscopy last year which removed 2 more polyps but my bowel never clears properly for colonoscopy so have always been worried that they don't get all of them. I have had pain and bloating on and off but now I have chronic lower back and abdominal pain am I worrying for nothing or should I insist on getting checked out again. Any thoughts would be really helpful thanks Lynn

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Sorry to read about your ongoing problems with bowel cancer i had a bowel resection too last year followed by chemo am awaiting for my annual colonoscopy this month. My advice to you is to seek medical advice especially if you are encountering pain and other problems. It's better to "get to the root of the problem" and deal with it than to worry endlessly which is a nightmare. Keeping positive is key and taking one step/day at a time helps. All the best to you.

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Thanks tofu I am waiting for results for something else if that comes back clear then I will definitely go back to my doctor. I hope everything goes ok for you and I will let you know how I get on Lynn

Hello Lynnc28, am not really sure how to answer your question, I too suffer from the same symptoms and think I will need to go and get checked out again asap, am afraid we all have that constant cloud or black dog following us around after our first encounter with bowel cancer or any other cancer, I just try and stay positive and focused on making each day count, I even took the plunge and joined a date sit recently, so wish me luck? ha ha

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