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Blood and mucus when farting


Hello all

Sorry to be so open but I am experiencing some very strange symptoms and I wonder if anyone has had the same.

During the past 5 years I have had some bleeding after bowel movements, particularly when I was pregnant. When I was pregnant I also sometimes passed a very small amount of clear tissue after a bowel movement. The blood during this time was just a smear on the toilet tissue when I wiped. I had my second child 13 months ago and since then my symptoms have gradually got worse, more so in the last 2 months. The blood after a bowel movement has got more and more and now I think there are small clots there as well. There is also more of the strange white tissue in the toilet bowl.

And now I often do squelchy farts and pass just blood and mucus. There is no smell. This is continuous throughout the day.

I used to have one bowel movement per day. Now I have much smaller bowel movements throughout the day and never feel as if I am finished.

I have been to the doctor. The first time I went I was examined and no piles were found. The doctor thought the blood was due to straining and advised me to eat prunes and gave me something for constipation. I went back to the doctor 2 weeks later when I was still experiencing blood to ask to be referred for further tests. Since then the symptoms have got very quickly worse to the farting/ blood/ mucus stage. I have also found out that my dad had multiple polyps removed from the age of 40-60.

I have an appointment at a colorectal surgery at the end of June. I believe this is an initial consultation as I have not been advised to take any medicines/ prep. I am worried in case my symptoms are something serious. The days waiting for that first appointment and having all these symptoms feel as if time is ticking and nothing is being done.

Does anyone have any advise/ experience of these symptoms and waiting times between consultations and the camera surgery?

Many thanks.

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Thinking of you and I hope your appointment went well! It is great you are seeing a doctor for these symptoms.

Hi! I was wondering if you’ve started getting answers? This exact thing is happening to me. I have an appointment with gi but I’m still pregnant and I know they won’t do anything until baby comes and I’m healed from my c section.

Hiya there,

Sorry to hear what you are going through. My sister is experiencing the same thing and awaiting appointments. Did you find out what it was would be interesting to know.

Kind regards


Go back and ask for an immediate referral within 2 weeks. Nothing is as important in life. So what if it's nothing? No harm done. I'm in hospital this morning awaiting a general anaesthetic for investigation and I had all those symptoms and more. I left it a long time too. Good luck with it all and hoping all is well. . Just do it!


I had similar and had a calprotectin test that showed inflammation and a colonoscopy under the 2 week wait. Turn out to be colitis. Definately go back to your GP don’t wait for June

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Was it mucous blood and headache feeling inflamed

Hi, I have had similar symptoms and can so relate. You may be undergoing an IBD like Krohns or Ulserative Collitis which cay causing bleaching and excessive mucus production. Go tell your GP or try and get with a specialist, maybe an IBD nurse!

Good luck :)

Hi.. can I ask. Any update. I have this all the time . Its getting me down

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