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Hi All, 1st post & looking for advice

My husband turned 60 in August last year and received an invite through the post to have bowel screening. Not something he wanted to do, very private in the toilet department, if you know what I mean. Anyway received a letter from the local surgery for not having the test done and decided to do the deed. No symptoms, no need to even think about it !!!

The deed was done, the card was posted via Royal Mail and came the appointment for the camera to go where cameras are not really meant to go.

Didn't work that time, "He has a very large colon" they said !!!

So the deed was done again and this time the camera found its way and hopefully thank you to modern science it did.

My husband has been diagnosed with Colorectal cancer just yesterday, what do I do now ?

Regards To All


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Hi Jane, I went through a similar experience as your husband last year, received an invitation to do a bowel screening test, did not do it first time as found procedure a bit yukky. They sent me a reminder letter and something told me to get it done this time around. Was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer, had surgery 5 weeks later to remove tumour and 12 surrounding lymph nodes, 2 of which had cancerous cells. Surgery went very well, my recovery was very quick even though I had to take things easy for a while (no heavy lifting, driving, etc.). Started a course of 8 sessions of chemo in October and will be finished with my last one on 21st March. I have been very fortunate that my side effects have been quite minimal and manageable with no hair loss (great relief). All in all, it has not been that bad. Keeping very positive and having complete trust and faith in God coupled with good support, love and prayers from family and friends made this journey easier. Taking one day/step at a time is the way to go forward 'cos it's not worth the unnecessary stress of worrying too far ahead. All the best to your husband and pray it all works out well for him.

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Thank you so much for your story, wise words and advice, very much appreciated. The CT and MRi scans were done on Sunday and we are now just waiting to hear. Once again, thank you.


You are very welcome. Remember to keep positive and stay strong ok. All the best x


I was 63 in 2016 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Had done those tests but nothing showed up.

The resection removes the tumour and some close tissue that includes nodes. The aduvent chemotherapy is to mop up stray molecules and is unpleasant but tolerable. The oxaliplatin is very effective but you get tingling toes and fingers.

The survival rates are 70% ish which I a vast improvement on 25 years ago.

We all hope your hubby is graced and lives a long life .


Thank you very much for your reply and good wishes.


I had my LAR lower anterior resection a month ago and i still feels weakness and tired and it done by laparoscopy surgery.. however i have temporary eliostomy ... which show ld reverse back in a month time... i also have pain from anal verge and two of pins came out of sturutre if you have some orn facig same issue let me know pls.. doctor said all fine?


Hi Jane, I hope your ok, I'm looking for similar advice, my mum got diagnosed with rectal cancer on Thursday, she is having CT and MRI on Tuesday and then going back in on the Monday to discuss surgery options. I'm looking at ways to support my mum, she is 43. I'm positive one day and the next I feel like ive been ripped apart, any suggestions/support would be great!



Firstly you are not alone and the path forward is far from poor.

The poo test is not very accurate , an issue I have raised with the health minister. False negatives are far from ideal.

Your colon is like a hose pipe . They go in and chop off a section that has the tumour and rejoin it , called a resection. Depending the stage , adjuvant chemotherapy is given to sweep up any loose cells. Generally, this is unpleasant but tolerable.

Macmillan are great support.

The research has made this very treatable . Be positive .


HI I had stage 3 bowel cancer and like others have said it’s not pleasant but manageable. Had a bag for 15 months snd got it reversed a year ago - have ongoing issues with bowel habits and sometimes it gets very discouraging but overall I’m happy .


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