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I was diagnosed a year ago. JUst after my 60th birthday. Stage 3 with 6 lymph nodes and some arteries affected.

I worked on my fitness and recovered from the surgery very quickly (higher anterial with clear margins).

Chemo was the 12 sessions on 5 FU, although they stopped the Oxyplatin after 6 due to neuropathy.

Now building up my strength and stamina again. Started working again this term. Still very poor muscle condition. Various bits of neuropathy hanging around - still can't feel my toes, tinnitus, eyesight affected.

However, glad to be here. Had the first blood tests (clear), annual colonscopy coming up soon.

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I am similar to you but I had my op 2 and a half years ago, I think , out of everything, I hate most is the neuropathy, in my toes, it makes walking very difficult, as if your shoes are full of tiny rubber balls ! Good Luck !

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