I'm Not sure if this is the correct group for me??

I was diagnosed with colon cancer (adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid T2or3(?) N1(?) M0) at the end of May 2016 and was offered surgery. I decided that I would try nutritional therapies and other protocols as I have recently been researching the micro biome and understand how important this is for my long term health. I have followed lots of protocols, mainly alkalising my body, ensuring that I am well oxygenated, I have removed all sugar, carbohydrates, lactose, fructose from my diet, and added all the foods which research shows kills cancer stem cells. My symptoms have reduced significantly, with virtually no pain compared to the gut wrenching "stop me in my tracks" spasms which I suffered before diet change. So I am optimistic that my next scans will show that the tumour has either remained stable or more likely shrunk. I may still have to think about surgery, so would like to hear from people about their experiences - immediately post operative and after 10 years. My hesitance about surgery is because of advice that when the main tumour is removed this allows the cancer stem cells to travel around the body more easily and cause metastases. These can occur months or years later. The surgeon who advised surgery said that "nothing kills cancer" however the research I have read suggests that nutrition can kill cancer and achieve this without the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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  • Hello, I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 10th May 2016. I had a right hemicolectomy on 1/6/2016 which showed T4b N1 M0 Dukes C1. I have just started weekly chemotherapy for 30 cycles so am 1 down 29 to go!

    I was told before my operation that they were hoping to surgically cure me but unfortunately the cancer is in my lymph nodes.

    I do hope your scans show that the tumour has shrunk. I was interested to read the diet regime you have been following and hope this works for you.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Hi I was diagnosed with bowel cancer Nov 2015 had surgery too remove it in the January It had not spread too lymph nodes, never took chemo I'm feeling great at present and have returned too work, but I still worry that it will come back trying too keep fit incase I have another fight on my hands but feeling normal , hope you get good news x

  • I hope the decisions you make are the right ones. The right ones for you may not be the correct ones for your future, best of luck