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Hi All

I am the Cyling CLL charity fund raiser who is Cycling from London to Paris from June 6-10th 2013 raising funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma research and it is so good to see the money being used on this research at Southampton.

Training is going well I am fitter than I was six months ago, my 6 monthly blood test is in May and I have lots of questions for my consultant.

If anyone wants to sponsor me then they can by following the address below.

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Good luck Julian...wishing you every success. I've sponsored your incredibly worthwhile cause.

Warmest Regards,

Newdawn x


Thank you newdawn hope you are doing ok ? Your donation is very much appreciated I am so looking forward to Cycling to Paris it's good therapy.

I am also holding a fundraising stall at the local market at the begining of May to raise further funds, I never knew it can be such hard work, I shall not give up though. We will be selling Books, Cakes having a raffle and a Tombola a supplier I deal with donated 250.00 worth of wine so it should go quite well and my partner can claim pound for pound so it should be a good day.

Thank you again take care american flyer


Great to read training is going well, good luck for May

There is so much going on in CLL research in the UK LLR are behind a lot of it..

Each year Leukaemia and lymphoma Research commit more than £20 million to support doctors and scientists at academic institutions throughout the UK.


You can read about their Blood cancer research grants here,


LLR's last round of research grant awards in November include many for CLL.



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