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Leukaemia Care - Patient advocate and GP training lead, Nick York, will be on Sky News from 9.15am

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Patient advocate and GP training lead, Nick York, will be on Sky News from 9.15am today talking about why GPs are being urged to do more blood tests - find out more by tuning in. We hope to share his clip later today.

At 2.30pm, the APPG on Blood Cancers will be holding a debate in Parliament on blood cancer care and will be launching a report afterwards. Our Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Zack Pemberton-Whiteley will be in London for the debate and will be bringing us updates.

Today will be a big day for raising awareness of all blood cancers, including Leukaemias. Make sure everybody you know is aware of the common clusters of symptoms

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Excellent. Don’t get Sky so hope the clip can be shared online. rob

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Tingy in reply to Oleboyredw-uk

Sky news is available on Freeview 233. I don’t subscribe to Sky.

I’m tuned in ready to watch.

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Psmithuk in reply to Tingy

And I’m on Freesat, so don’t get all the Freeview stuff, only some. Some disadvantages for living in the country! (Vastly outnumbered by the advantages, of course!)

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Tingy in reply to Psmithuk

I also live in the country in a village and overlook farmland so I guess I must be lucky to get Freeview where I am. Hope you'll be able to access it one day.

Good interview well done Nick

Good Interview Nick. Really enjoyed it and well spoken with good facts that I’m sure many people wouldn’t be aware of.

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Well done getting the message out there Nick!

Bloodwise Ambassador Jane Leahy will be on Sky News at 11.30 for anyone available to watch.

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Myrddin in reply to Myrddin

Interview was a bit later around 11.45 but was good.

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Sorry I missed it but well done Nick for getting the message out.


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Sorry I missed it too. Is there any way we can watch it later?


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Myrddin in reply to PaulaS

I am hoping Leukaemia Care will publish the interview.

Freeview jumps from 232 to 250 here - must be geographic are causing that. Tried a retune - made no difference. Hopefully will be on tinternet soon.

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin

Thanks everyone, a good day yesterday for raising awareness of our challenges and the recommendations of yesterdays All Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer report leukaemiacare.org.uk/news/t.... The video footage from my interview on SKY News yesterday we hope will come available today, when we will forward it.


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