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New Horizon in Oral Medication for Blood Cancer Treatment

Andrew Schorr recorded this interview with the president of The American Society of Hematology (ASH) at the start of the conference. CLL is clearly identified as the blood cancer potentially at the treatment cross roads.

“Dr. Janis Abkowitz, hematology-oncology specialist from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, details the revolutionary research advances that are opening up a new field of oral medications for blood cancer treatment.”

Here is a more detailed explanation outlining the changing landscape of CLL treatment, recorded during the conference..

“Dr. John Pagel, from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, details important advances that signal a changing treatment landscape in CLL.”

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Hi I have loved watching these vidoes. None of the interviews are OTT but balanced. I have great hope that I will benefit from this research and it will give me the future that I did not think I would have.


Thanks for posting these video links Nick. I listened to them with a lump in my throat because they indicate such hope and possibility of a departure from conventional chemo.

I share Jangreen's comments and hope this research gathers speed and momentum for widespread use. (I'm refusing to think about cost implications at the moment.)

As we're only days away from a brand new year I can hear Michael Buble singing;

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me

And I'm feeling good.....(I can live in hope for all of us!)

Newdawn x


Dr Pagel was also interviewed by Brian Koffman, Brian posted this on You Tube on New Years Day and added to his ASH report on his blog on New Years Eve. They are getting very excited. I'm looking forward to the CLLSA Cardiff meeting on Jan 30th when Professor Fegan is discussing the latest clinical in the UK.It will be good to get the UK physicians perspective on how things are likely to play out here.

Happy New Year


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