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ASH 2019 CLL highlights and 'hot' topics - Drs Nicole Lamanna & Florence Cymbalista

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Prof Nicole Lamanna - ASH 2019 - Maturing CLL clinical trial data

Dr. Nicole Lamanna, Associate Clinical Professor of haematological malignancies at Columbia University Medical Centre discusses the maturing CLL clinical trial data presented at ASH 2019.

Phenomenal 3 and 4 year results from trials of combinations of novel therapies raise new questions that require answering with more data: Are combinations of novel therapies better than sequential therapies? Which groups will benefit most from triplet, doublet combinations or sequential single agents? How novel next generation and 1st generation BTK inhibitors compare in long term head to head comparisons?

Dr Lamanna ASH update playlist

Prof Florence Cymbalista - ASH 2019 - The evolving treatment landscape

Prof Cymbalista of Avicenne Hospital, Paris, France discusses the changing treatment landscape in CLL and ASH hot topics: next generation BTK inhibitors, MRDu, new combinations to achieve this and treatment sequencing.

Dr Cymbalista ASH update playlist

13 Replies
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Thanks HAIRBEAR . How are you?

Peggy 😀

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Peggy4

I am CLL good if that is a measure?. IG infusion today and dentist, learning the rules of the ibby club 5 months in, juggling the antibiotics and infections, the dentist, the usual ;-) keeping busy. How are you?

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Peggy4 in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

CLL good sounds perfect. I’m ok ta. Just diddling along.

Peggy 😀

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What do they mean when they say "Fix duration treatment"?

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Irishcll in reply to Sushibruno

Hi Sushibruno

Fixed duration treatment means you can stop treatment after maybe 12 or 24 months unlike Ibrutinib which you take indefinitely.


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Sushibruno in reply to Irishcll

Thank you very much Irishcll😊. My biggest wish and i know everyone else's is a cure👍.

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Thanks HB! Great videos.


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Big thanks for that Nick.

So the new one Prof Lammana mentioned in phase one was LOXO 305 (Hope I heard that correctly):

Also great in these post brexit times hear a French clinician.

Best wishes,


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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Ernest2

Good to have these covalent BTKs coming through for the tool box!! Yes we must not forget that advancing CLL treatment is an international affair :-)

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Thanks for sharing!

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How are you doing, have not heard much from you? Blessings.

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Big_Dee

Hi Big_dee how are you? Apologies I have not been as visible on line recently as I have redirected some of my efforts over past years and paint with a different brush, still keeping busy with advocacy and living life with CLL, 11 years in and still learning :-)

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Big_Dee in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK


Doing great, almost set record form how fast my CLL progressed, but did B+R and doing very well. Thanks for all your input over the years. Blessings.

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