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Knee pain during the night and getting up in the mornings

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Hi all,

does anyone else have knee pain especially getting up in the morning? It goes eventually but creeps in again at bedtime. On WandW and have started with magnesium and zinc which a fellow CLL advised and my GP said was fine to do so. Am drinking plenty exercise walking dog etc and eating balanced diet. Other joints reduced in pain since starting magnesium but knees seem to be a problem. Thanks in advance for any other remedies😉


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You might need to have your knees checked out by an orthopedist. My wife has had millions of orthopedic problems. Knees are tough ones to figure out. Usually if they hurt first thing in the AM it is arthritis of some form. But hurting at night baffles me, unless you work them hard during the day.

Walking dogs is not like walking - at least with our dogs. They tend to stop and go and try to lead you around as if to lead you to where they want to go by their leashes. I’m being serious. Unless your dogs are perfectly behaved, it can be much harder to walk your dog than to just walk by yourself.

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to Jonquiljo

I've decided that my dogs often walk me. I once tried leash training a cat after seeing someone walking through a mall with one on a leash. And then there's the time I tried to teach my cat to use the toilet. My friends will NEVER let me forget that one.

Actually, my friends cat did you the toilet. The problem was she liked the water running in the toilet and she was flushing it all the time so that was the end of experiment.

I had a cat that used the tub drain. Never trained her...that was what she prefurrred over the litter box. Finally had to keep the bathroom door closed.

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Loubs69 in reply to Jonquiljo

Many thanks for the advice I will speak with my doctor 😉

to paraphrase Sigmund Freud 'sometimes arthritis is just arthritis'. My wife has had both knees replaced because of it and has arthritis in her back. it happens as we get older-not just to people with cll

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Loubs69 in reply to

I’m 50 never thought it could be that. Thanks for the advice

It would be worth having your B and D vitamins checked. Mine were first checked way back when I was diagnosed. As my vitamin D level improved my knee pain lessened. I don't know that they were related, but I'm happy to not feel that pain every time I sit or stand.

Many thanks I will get that checked out 😉

Loubs69. Go to an orthopedic doctor and have your knees x-rayed. He will tell you if one or both of your knees needs to be replaced. Good luck Anna

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Loubs69 in reply to Ellieoak

My goodness is it that drastic? I’ll speak with my consultant I see him very soon thanks for the advice

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Ellieoak in reply to Loubs69

Loubs69 , I only say this because I went through 5 yrs of pain that only got worse. I went to a sport medicine doctor who gave me cortisone shots when that didn't work she Gave me monosys shots in my knee which only worked for a couple of months. Finally I went to an orthopedic who when he saw my X-rays he said both my knees

Were in dire need of surgery.

6 mo. Later my knees feel wonderful.

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Loubs69 in reply to Ellieoak

Glad your sorted now and many thanks I will bear this in mind 😉

Yes it is the muscles Stretching helps me

Hi, Lou

I am also on W&W w/ CLL going on 7 years. I also get knee pain, particularly after sitting for a while, but it goes away after stretching legs and moving a bit. I never thought it was CLL related but I will ask my Hematologist. Wish you the best of everything during the journey we are all facing. My name is David and I reside in Mexico City

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Loubs69 in reply to intermark

Many thanks David, some CLLs are suggesting arthritis am shocked as only 50 this year but hey a possibility I suppose. Wishing you well with your journey too my friend 😉

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studebaker in reply to Loubs69

Yes, it is possible at young age of 50.

I had my first arthroscopic surgery at that age and it helped for few years and then Cortisone injections for few years.

So far with physio it has been under control and hopefully I can avoid replacements. Physio and osteopath is really helping.


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Loubs69 in reply to studebaker

Thanks I will ask my consultant.

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Loubs69 in reply to intermark

I live in Macclesfield Cheshire the UK a very long way from you !

Same to you. Best of luck David

One antihistamjne (Claritan) tablet tends to take away the inflammation in our joints at night or early morning along with applying a heated rice bag from the microwave oven.

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Loubs69 in reply to Shepherd777

Thanks for the helpful advice.

Hi Loubs69,

I used to suffer with a painful right knee which has thankfully vanished 🤞and pre Ibrutinib I used to take cod liver oil and omega 3. My physio recommended biofreeze to rub on ! Worth a try.


Yes, we got some results from the Omega 3 oil and Biofreeze as well and another called Arnica.

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Loubs69 in reply to mrsjsmith

Many thanks I will try this out.

That’s interesting, I only use Arnica to bring out bruises.

Biofreeze always worked better for us, but others liked the arnica that spoke to us.

Be sure to check interactions. I started fish oil, recommended by my eye doctor for dry eye. Oops, not a good idea if taking blood thinners. I looked at over the counter lidocaine patches. Nope, interact with one of my heart meds, as do almost all of the meds for acid reflux. Can't win.

Sounds like your describing osteoarthritis symptoms ... usually really difficult in am when first get up then loosens during day as you exercise and towards end of day gets worse again. I'd see an orthopedist to get checked out.

PS, fish oil, collagen powder and combo of bromelain, glucosamine/chondroitin helps my knees.

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Loubs69 in reply to heal11purple

Many thanks will try this 😉

Hi All

Been to see my GP and I have patellar tendinitis an athletes injury so he’s sending me to a physio and recommendation of turmeric and black pepper for anti inflammatory Nothing to do with the CLL, age or arthritis. Yay !!! So it isn’t always CLL

Kind regards


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mrsjsmith in reply to Loubs69

Good news,

Very forward thinking GP as well to suggest supplements. I have a friend who swears by black pepper oil mixed in with her hand cream for arthritis in her hands !

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