Night sweats during the day

Hi, I'm 66 diagnosed, 6 years ago, bloods are still pretty good, some slight swelling in lymph glands but over past month I've started to sweat profusely during the day. These are not hot flushes of menopausal type, these are full blown sweats where water drips down my face and my hair is soaked. Could these be the fabled night sweats but happening during the day? Has anybody else got this and how do you cope apart from several showers and changing clothes at regular intervals???

Many thanks,



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16 Replies

  • Yes sweats can occur during the day!

    It’s a bummer!

  • Hello Issy, yes, I have suffered with this throughout my diagnosis although when mentioning to the consultant, she has always said, "Oh no, that is not the same as the night sweats." which always infuriated me. I am worse when in a warm environment which could be during the hot summer days or indoors if the heating is up a bit too much. I cannot use duvets because I cannot get the right degree of warmth/coolness. I end up boiling under them. I have to use old fashioned cotton blankets etc. layers that I can easily adjust.

    Currently, when I get in from walking the dog, after about 10 minutes, one of these head to toe sweats overtakes me and, as you say, it is a case of washing to cool down and changing the wet clothes. No so good if it happens somewhere where you just have to put up with it though!

    I have just finished 5 rounds of FCR treatment, and I still have the sweats when I hoped it would be eliminated!

    What a pain eh.

    Best wishes, Holly.

  • Well done on completing 5 rounds of FCR Holly. It took 4 months after finishing FCR for my day/night sweats to disappear.

    Best wishes


  • Oh, thanks Lucy, I have hope yet then!

  • As my disease progresses, I sweat more and more during the day. I also feel like I have a fever, but my temperature will be normal or nearly normal. Finally, I will have to often adjust the temperature, the clothes I am wearing, and the layers of blankets and/or sheets to try to maintain a comfortable temperature. I don't know if this is all in my head or a legit symptom of CLL. But I wish others would comment. I need to know if this is something that others with CLL are experiencing.

  • Hi I have SLL which reawakened in march this year. I am currently on ibrutinib and I too get the hot sweats during the day. Horrible, seems to be part of the disease process. My consultant says they will go, but doesn't say when.

  • I had daytime sweats prior to and just after my diagnosis. I was lucky in that they only lasted a few months. Since having my first chemo with FC nine years ago, they haven't returned. I can remember being in a meeting at work and just dissolving in sweat in front of my colleagues. I was ringing wet and I didn't know what it was at the time. Horrible experience, but not unusual or so it seems. I hope yours clears.

  • Hi, I was the same age when diagnosed, but now 10 years on and in the same condition as you. This sweating (face mainly) is a real pain and I carry a pack of baby or facial wipes to wipe it off. The slightest exertion brings it on, and sometimes it happens without exertion. I have to drink more water, to make up for the fluid lost, and forget about makeup.

    I originally thought it was also related to my colouring (a Scottish redhead) as I used to go very pink in the face, which clashed dreadfully with the hair! Now it's white, not so much.

    I have to say that it does help somewhat to know you're not the only one...

  • How bizarre this has started happening to me too after fourteen years of night sweats, day sweats are now trying to compete for attention. I am too post menopausal and if one more dr suggests.......maybe hormones........I'll hit the evening primrose oil again. seriously though I have told my team who are being very helpful.checking for possible vitamin/mineral deficiencies before I see them in November. I've made it clear I am nearing the end of my I don't want to start toxic chemical therapy but I do want to regain some resemblance of normality..........You are not alone x

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for all your replies. I can see there isn't much I can do about day sweats but at least I'm not alone and I don't have to start worrying about it having something else wrong with me. I've had a lot of problems with dry eyes, that may be caused by the amount of moisture I'm losing so even more water to drink.

    Many thanks for reassurance,


  • What I hate is having a lovely cooling shower then all the exertion of having the shower brings on the day sweat even before I have left the bathroom! Not so bad now the weather has cooled a bit here in the UK.

  • Oh, I meant to say, I also get dry and gritting feeling eyes from time to time and my optician recommended eye drops to lubricate them when needed. Holly.

  • The same thing happens to me -- after taking a shower I get hotter and sweatier than I was before I took it. Glad to know I'm not a freak of nature. I have dry eyes, too. I sweat drops from my face after the least little activity. I have fans everywhere I have to stand to work in the house. It is exhausting!

  • I was diagnosed with C.L.L. seven years ago and still on W&W. Like you I suffer from day and night sweats and as you say your face and hair just drip with perspiration. I feel that my body temperature clock no longer works and this can be annoying to your partner if they feel the cold.

  • Wow, good to hear I am not alone. During my last CLL visit I was told it is hot flashes. I am so confused as to the cause but, it is never ending. I have to layer my clothes in case it happens so I can get some relief by taking off some layers. My hair drips I sweat so much. It is so embarrassing but, what can you do! Thanks everyone for sharing.

  • Sounds so familiar! My body temperature is lower than average and yet- I suffer from constant Day sweats that literally cause dripping from my head and face! My thermometer is definitely broken!!

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