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Dr. Wiestner on Combos and fixed duration ibrutinib (he doesn't like the idea) and a webinar with Dr. Byrd and me

bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero

Hi everyone,

Dr. Wiestner always has a fresh perspective on CLL treatment, and my interview at ASH was no exception.

I+V in the CAPTIVATE trial is looking very potent and quite safe and the data from EHA was amazing.

On Aug 15, at 2 PM ET, Dr. Byrd and I will be doing an innovative free webinar on CLL complications that will have an audience of both MDs and patients, something I have wanted to do for a long time. It should be an informative and fun program.

On a personal note, I am getting excited about being on one of the boats that will be accompanying Stan Kurtz as he swims22-23 miles at night from Catalina to Palos Verdes to raise money for CLL. What a privilege!

Dr. Wiestner’s interview, the info about the webinar and Stan’s swim are all on the website: cllsociety.org

I am slowly getting stronger, swimming myself for rehab between 500- 1,000 meters a day- nothing like Stan. Next labs in 2 weeks.

Next big decision is whether to stop my ibrutinib after 7 years, but since I am MRD - , what is is treating? It’s my security blanket, but all drugs have risks.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.



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You are amazing, Brian Koffman, and I can’t thank you enough for keeping cll patients informed and strong. Did I understand well that you still take Ibrutinib after your treatment with Car t cells?

I do hope you feel good!


bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero
in reply to Yvbb

YES- Need to stay on it for at least 90 days to modulate the CAR-T cells leading to markedly improved outcomes.

in reply to bkoffman

Keep my fingers crossed for you, but more important, let the Ibrutinib work for you🤞🏻💪🏻

Thank you for all the information and advice.

Really hoping everything continues to go well for you.

Fran 😉

Hi Brian good to know you are doing well. Thanks for keeping us updated and in the loop.

Take care


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