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Good News of my CLL

bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero


I recently got more good news on CLL from Dr. Byrd out of Ohio State.

My clone that is resistant to ibrutinib had stopped its relentless growth after almost a two year climb.

I am very grateful.

For a longer discussion of the mutations involved, please visit my last blog post at

For a discussion of some real world research on CLL by the wonderful Dr. George Follows, please check out this interview from ASH here:

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Good news for you Brian and for many who are worried about having some bad prognostic markers.

Thanks for sharing that encouraging news.


Wonderful news! Thank you for posting. I'm avoiding my CLL as much as possible - I have the luxury of W & W for now, and am grateful as I leave my worries in the hands of my haemotologist. Despite this, reality bites occasionally and I find solace here. Your blog is perfection - beautifully written - offering readers reliable information and a calm disposition. Thank you. I think I may try meditation and tea tonight also.

Jules from Oz x


That's not good news, that's GREAT news! You are such an inspiration.


Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing.

Happy to hear that Brian! All the best!


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Wonderful news,Brian!

Best regards!


So happy for you and for us!

How generous of you to have devoted your life to teaching us about true personal patient advocacy and how to take challenges head on with courage and strength beyond the borders of walls and limitations.

Thank you.


Great news Brian. Thanks for sharing. Well deserved. You do so much to support us all.



Very glad to hear your good news, Brian!

Great to hear!

Really glad to hear your good news!

Great news! Thank you for sharing and for all the help you provide.