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Zarzio shots causing severe horrendous pain- any proven help for muscle and bone issues?


On and off neutropenic for two months now and now taking zarzio shots every other day but causing major debilitating pain in lower back to hips and shooting down both sides of legs making me bedridden... I’m 49 yrs old and don’t wanna keep taking pain meds . The FCR didn’t work on me and nodes are rapidly growing back fiercely . Having 4th biopsy tomorrow to check genetics and mutations and see second line of treatment options . I hate this disease !

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

Talk to your doctor about Loratadine (Claritin)... patients report it eases the pain of G-CSF drugs...


Luckyliss in reply to Cllcanada

I have tried that but it makes me too edgy unfortunately....feels like I wanna peel my skin off my body :( thank you Chris


Sorry I can’t help with suitable alternatives Luckyliss but I hope the medics can...and fast!

How thoroughly miserable for you to be experiencing this and I’m sorry to hear the FCR wasn’t successful. Just want to send huge supportive best wishes because this must be emotionally as well as physically hard on you.

I hate this disease too!!


Thank you for being thoughtful and your kind words - I truly appreciate them !

Good luck!

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