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Heartburn and Feeling of Fullness


I've been reading posts related to an enlarged spleen. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and I have been told all is fine "wait and watch". When I first went to my doc it was with a complaint of fatigue and other minor but unusual (to me) symptoms.

I had had an appendectomy in August, by October I was complaining to my GP. My symptoms included - regular belching, heartburn, fatigue, ear pain, a feeling of something stuck in my throat....

He had me run through some blood and urine test. They came back with immature blood red blood cells in my urine, and higher than normal WBC counts. An ear, nose & throat doc, did a scope and found nothing unusual, but went ahead and prescribed antacid medication.

I have now decided (with no help form any of the doctors) that my digestive symptoms are probably related to an enlarged spleen pushing on my stomach and my enlarged lymph nodes may be responsible for giving me ear pain.

I am interested to read about those of you who have made progress by taking green tea extract and curcumin. I have read many posts but still want more.


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I think you need an ultrasound at the very least to confirm your suspicions Laramee. It will reveal whether there is an enlargement of your spleen and internal nodes impinging on your ear area and causing pain.

I’m sure others who use curcumin and green tea extract will advise on their experience but in your situation, I’d be looking for a more definitive diagnosis for the cause first.

Best wishes,


There’s a possibility your suffering from inflammation caused by dietary issues. This can be more severe on certain days dependant on what your eating.

Try an inflammation diet for 2 weeks and just drink plain water and if This helps you can add foods back in slowly and individually and you’ll be more sensitive to them and they’ll be easier to identity.

Many symptoms from aches and pains swelling stiffness headaches bloating and cramps can be caused by what you eat as well as mental health issues.

Diet is usually the last thing people look at to blame when there suffering with certain ailments but in this day and age with poor diets and mass produced foods it can play a big role, I’m speaking from personal experience.

If you look on my profile I’ve only done one post but there’s a link to inflammatory foods to avoid.

Hope this helps




It is funny, today I have said this same thing two or three times. You should not immediately think CLL is the cause of anything/everything wrong. It might be...might even be probable....but not for certain.

You said you had appendicitis and then all this started. Anyone do an X-Ray and see if they left something inside you (I know, very rare, but I know a guy it happened to so it freaks me out some).

Plus, and again, I have said this several times here on HU today...it seems none of the whitecoats are paying much attention to you and your concerns. If I had CLL, and then my appendix out....and then had all these symptoms I would be getting more than a quick ENT check and some Tums Tablets. I would demand an ultra sound, x-ray, CT Scan, MRI (which I can't have due to metal but would demand anyway) and PET Scan or anything else I think might help me get an answer.

I would demand answers to why you are feeling like you are, not be left to make your own diagnoses because no one else will bother. You deserve answers from people who are being paid to find them for you and give them to you.


I have been taking Bone Broth from whole foods from the freezer. It has helped with my digestion. I stay away from oranges, lemons, limes and pineapple. Also, no spicy foods.

God Bless.

Heartburn and bloating are classic symptoms of an enlarged spleen which is often a feature of CLL. I agree that a scan should be considered to determine if this is the case. In my own case I had an enlarged spleen prior to my lymph nodes becoming mega bulky.

Bi Laramee,

I also have been suffering with this lately. It seems like after every meal i feel like I have just finished eating a big Christmas dinner. I get bloated and very tired. I belch alot now and before i never did. I get alot of heart burn. I currently dont have a gp and my next appointment with my new specialist isnt till the end of august. I have also noticed that since this has been happening I get winded when doing anything with little exertion very quickly.


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