6 months post FCR and let me introduce Brewster to you all!

6 months post FCR and let me introduce Brewster to you all!

It's hard to believe that 6 months have past by since Chemo... some days I feel nearly normal🤓 And don't give too much thought to CLL but other days it can be the burden that you carry around – On those days it feels as if i am on an isolated island, all by myself , trying to predict how long remission might be so dragging myself into a pit of despondency. I hate those days so now I refuse to have them ... life is good. Chemo was tough and all that goes with it .. emotionally and mentally as well as socially and physically. We often gain strength through our suffering and I know I am a stronger and more focused person now.

So I had my 6 month check ..Hb is great at 13.4 , neutrophils rocketed after my little blip a few weeks ago to 1.9. Lymphocytes a little sluggish at 0.4 but consultant wasn't too concerned. However, on examination no lymphadenopathy.... woohoo! I've only just stopped self examination recently ... this was an awful compulsive habit ... but honestly, the lumps and bumbs have gone 😀

Time to look forward and be grateful ...

back to work... new friends made along the way whilst a few have been ditched...

time to live well with CLL.

Last year chemo landed on our 30th wedding anniversary and my birthday ... we recently purchased Brewster for our yard ... see the little acknowledgment to our blood disorder ... it's part of us but does not have to define us. He will go in our back yard this summer... and make me smile!

For all your support ... I thank you x

For those going through treatment now... you can do it xxx

For those on W&W .. sending you best wishes and know there's some great work going on ... be positive.. cry... laugh ... live... x

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  • Made me smile as I'm about to go to sleep Bethan. So glad the hard road you travelled has led to a very good destination. Long may it last!

    Warm best wishes,

    Newdawn x

  • Thanks.... For all your support x

  • Love your posts. You are so authentic. It is normal to feel jittery about remission. It will take time to stop concentrating on it. Work will be good for you.

  • This time last yearI didn't think I would work again... its goodto be back to a new normal x Thank you for your encouragement x

  • Great posting and great news Bethan. Enjoy life and Brewster!

    UK Marc

  • He makes me smile !

  • Woohoo indeed Bethan

    Yes hard to put down something that has been a constant companion for so long, but you have done the hard bit so enjoy life all you can.

    Always gives me a little lift to read the successes of our companions on our journey.

    Thank you


  • I always sought out positive posts rather than dwelling on all the reality posts that go with cll.... Which are sometimes to close to home. It's good for others to know that we live with cll ... not be one defined by it.

    Take care x

  • So good to read your post. Being at the beginning of FCR I do worry about getting to the end and then how long remission will last, but your story is an inspiration and has made me feel much better this morning. Best wishes and good luck with your normal life!!

  • You can do it! You will be fine ..It can get a bumpy road but as BellaBee10 said to me .. fcr is the good stuff getting rid of the bad... This changed my mindset. Take care .

    Pm me if you want a chat x

  • I can do it and I did need to change my mindset because I was thinking chemo is bad but of course it's there to help!!

  • Go girlie x

  • Somehow after reading your title I was expecting to scroll down to a photo of a large

    new dog. Brewster will definitely be lower maintenance! LOL! Love posts like this one! You're next, Sally! I thought of chemo as little Pac Men zipping through my system eating up all of the bad cells - not exactly scientifically correct, but it worked for me.

  • Wishing you a long and healthy remission Bethan.

    All good to hear.


  • Great news Bethan and long may your remission last. Brewster is a lovely character and worth his weight in gold if he can bring a smile to you whenever you see him. As you say FCR can sometimes be a bumpy and at times an anxious journey but well worth the trip. I am in my sixth year of remission after FCR so have much to be thankful and joyous about.

    Best wishes, time to enjoy life again.

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • Love hearing your 6 year remission ... needed that x long may it continue x

  • So good to hear you are doing so well good luck for the future and thank you for sharing your experience it has cheered me up. 😊

  • Congratulations, Bethan. Love your honesty and humor. Carry on. Sally (USA)

  • Great to hear this bethan, you have done so wellafter your blip,it will be good for you being back to work as well, keep it upxxx

  • I LOVE Brewster and I know he will be a wonderful new addition to your yard. And he will bring a smile to your face every time you look at him. I hope you have many more days/years of remission. Hugs to you!

  • Well done and I am sure a long remission awaits.

    Onwards abd Upwards


  • Best kind of pet. No poo to pick up and won't stink or snore like my Rosie (springer spaniel).

    I can identify with the odd dark day and tired days. But it is good to be working again. Good to be living again.

    It's our silver wedding this year so a holiday being planned. Away for most of July! Woohoo.

    Meanwhile bloods all on the up. Lumps and bumps gone. So life is for living.

  • Aww that's lovely. Loving the orange leukaemia ribbon.


  • What a welcome and meaningful addition to your family! And thank you for your honesty about this journey.

    Wishing you a long long remission!

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