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Apparently time for treatment

Two years ago I was so angry and confused. I had no ideal there were so many others experiencing CLL. I started to read all the post and would wake during the night when it would wake me up to read lol the new post. I responded to a few post but realized I was very fortunate to be in the watch and wait group, even though I was experiencing fatigue and chronic lung problems. I want go into all the test, etc but I was getting to the point of not being able to walk across the floor without difficulty breathing and coughing my head off

I started having iVIG infusions unfortunately the side effects from 2 infusions were to extreme to continue. I ended up having a Bronchoscopic and biopsy when I was told I hadMRSA in my lungs. The biopsy came back and I was diagnosed Bronchial tissue with lymphocytic infiltrate. My liver is enlarged and treatment is on the horizon

I will be starting Bendamustine/Rituximab after Christmas. My question has anyone experienced MRSA in their lungs and then diagnosed with my diagnosis followed with the chemo described above.

Any response greatly appreciated.

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Immediately following my husband's CLL diagnosis, he was also diagnosed with active Histoplasmosis in his lungs. Then he was placed in hospital and started antifungal meds, Sporonox, also began IVIG. After about 3 months he began a 6 month cycle of Cytoxin/Rituxin. He responded well.

Hoping they find the right combination for you to also have an excellent response.

Blessings to you,



How awful! Hope the treatment helps.


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Hi. I haven't had the lung problems but was treated with Bendamustine / Rituximab between Oct 2016 & Jan 2017. I have catalogued my journey here from prior to treatment to present day. please feel free to browse - Hope it is of help to you.


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